This is not just another BTCClicks review, here you will get to learn about the easiest ways to profit in the Bitcoin world.

What is BTCClicks and how to profit off them.

BTCClicks has nothing to do with investing or trading. It only requires dedication and a lot of your time. Most of us already know about PTC ( paid to click) websites which you can visit to get paid in *milliBitcoins.

*millibitcoin: A thousandth of a bitcoin or 0.001 BTC, equivalent to 1,000 bits or 100,000 satoshi.

It has attracted varying opinions from PTC websites users. As it is originated from Panama, the creators behind it are not known by anyone and it is often argued that BTCClicks is nothing but a scam. It has no information regarding its origin, purpose or contact details. It doesn’t matter if BTCClicks is a scam or not, it’s impossible to earn bitcoins on this platform. …


Matt Scultz

Hi there people! I started blogging about cryptocurrency a few years ago shortly after bitcoin was my main source of income.

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