Matt with his neurosurgoen at his last visit.

A Quick Note From Matt: Originally posted on 01/11/17 via facebook

My apartment has large windows.

The current view is filled with a barren winter landscape added with the occasional hope of sunshine.

Looking back at the last 10 years of my life, I am forced to compare the two.

Hope Montessori student wearing his soon to be donated hat

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — JAN. 6, 2017: Hope Montessori Academy in Lake St. Louis hosted a month-long hat drive through December 2016 for Matt’s Hats.

The students, ranging from ages of six weeks to six years, were to travel with their parents to the store and pick out a hat…

“Hey Brady, buddy your pants are on backwards.”

It’s a sentence anyone would expect to hear from the lips of a parent of a 4-year-old.

Usually, it’s an exasperated sigh, but coming from Eric Cremeens, it’s a chuckle.

Brady is the younger brother of 9-year-old Ryan.

And Ryan has cancer.

Here is our favorite places to work when wanting to help kids.

Most non-profits and ograniztions have an office. A place to call home. Over here at Matt’s Hats, we have a college dorm and a city full of corner coffeeshops and local bakeries. Here is some of our favorites!

MH sticker spotted in down town St. Louis.

When Matthew Williams left his Southern Illinois home to attend college in St. Louis, he didn’t know if Matt’s Hats would go-along for the ride.

Among the stresses of a new environment, varying course schedule and new homework challenges, Matt had all but made the choice to move on with…

Matt's Hats

Give Opportunity

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