Light the World

I am a student at LDS Business College (LDSBC), which I am so grateful for! I am continuing to learn A LOT of great stuff, now that I am going for the social media marketing degree!

Some of my teachers, while I was still taking my General classes, were crazy weird…in a bad way :-)! However, all of that changed when I got into my major. Now, every one of my teachers are AWESOME…in a good way :-D!

In the gateway social media marketing (SMM) class, we did two campaigns…one of which is still going on every other year at my school. The first was World Pie Month (WPM). That was a spin-off of National Pi Day, in which (in case you don’t know) the mathematical number of 3.14 is honored by geeks and nerds of all kinds!

WPM expanded that fun day, and included service in the mix of changing the vision and mission of National Pi Day a little.

We got out of our “comfort zone”, and served others like there was no tomorrow! Some students paid for a burger or two at McDonald’s, found a homeless guy, and gave the food to them.

Other appropriate acts of service included just smiling at people, raking leaves at the old people’s houses on our streets, baking an actual pie to give to a stranger, and hosting a cook-off with the talented Chef Art Smith.

We had a live cook-off, where local news channels like KSL-5, came down to Provo where we baked pies with Art at a kitchen in one of the restaurants.

After we baked the pies, our class went and gave the heavenly goodness to military personal, as well as to the local care center! We each felt so good as we gave our pies away, sometimes with a little reluctancy, to the people we look up too! Even if we were reluctant, like I was, after the fact…I felt so glad I served.

The second campaign my SMM class created was Learn to Earn (L2E). That is a conference for students to learn how to be successful in their careers, but more importantly, in life. This conference has always been the party of the century! We’re not talking about just a small, low-key conference with boring speakers…NO!!! This is THE conference: with a great venue (the Salt Palace), famous speakers (like the Piano Guys, and You-Tube stars), and rockin’ music :-)! If you were a student at LDSBC, or a human, you were there!


I am doing this post for two reasons: 1) not to brag about my awesome time at LDSBC, but to share part of my story, and 2) not to make you feel guilty for not attending this amazing college, but to share my teacher’s council to me.

To start with, the reason for this post is to share part of my story. I have learned, from my own experiences, that — of course — life is sometimes hard! We all have challenges, some bigger than others, but the question is: what are we going to learn from them?

We ALWAYS have a choice in whatever situation we are in! I can tell you that with assurance. Not only do we have a choice to either be happy, or sad, but we can also choose hope!

There is ALWAYS hope!

No matter what life throws your way, we can — and should — choose hope and, “think happy thoughts!”

The second reason for this post, or my teacher’s council to me, is that of having a personal mission, and vision, of yourself.

As I am leaving college, I didn’t start my time at LDSBC with where I wanted to go in life, but now I do. I know exactly where I am headed in life! That is a wonderful, liberating feeling!

As I am heading down my path, full-speed it feels like, I am also trying to be a light to the world. As I think you are too, being a light to a ever-darkened world feels great :-)!

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