Netflix’s Abstract: The 3 Must-See Episodes

Alghouth I appreacite your point of view, I could not disagree more with your statement that,

Abstract is best thought of as profiles of 8 different designers. What we learn about those designers’ professions, we learn by hearing their perspective — and in episodes where the perspective presented is quite limited, the viewer does feel that lack of insight. This was particularly noticeable in the episodes on stage designer Es Devlin and car designer Ralph Gilles. Emotionally, I was left in no doubt about their individual excellence, but intellectually, I didn’t learn much about their process, their teams, or the bigger picture of their disciplines. Put simply, some episodes of Abstract treat their subject too superficially, and as a result test the viewer’s patience.”

Perhaps they did not conspicuously outline ‘This is how my team is composed of and here is my creative process, number 1…" (ironically enought with the excception of Es). Moreoever, if you pay close attention you will discover each episode had its own individual feel and creative direction. Each matching the character and style of the designer being depicted. I guess like everything else, it all boils down to perspective.

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