6 strategies to grow and manage a community of thousands

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In three short months, we grew intern.club — a Slack community for interns — to 3,000+ members. The Slack blossomed from its original three channels to almost 100. Over 72,000 messages have been exchanged since its creation.

The summer isn’t even close to over, and we’ve held over 15 events and partnered with great companies like Figma, Microsoft, and SeatGeek.

So, how did we do it? How do you run a successful community on Slack?

Bring Value

Once you’ve done the groundwork of marketing your Slack community and gained your first hundred or so members, you have to give them a reason to stay. …

How Norway won the lottery, kept its day job, and invested in a stock portfolio

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(Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash)

In the 1963, the Norwegian government asserted sovereign rights over natural resources in the Norwegian Sea. Basically, the they took a plot of ocean and claimed it as their own. And then very quietly under their breath said oh, if we find any oil here — it’s ours.

Fortunately, Norway was a member of NATO and did not receive the “freedom” hammer that was so popular in response to these oil grabbing shenanigans.

Six years later, in 1969, a ship called the Ocean Viking struck oil in the Norwegian Sea. …

Uber has a massive flaw in its business model and nobody is talking about it

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(Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash)

Last year, Uber went public and raised $8.1 billion from the I.P.O. The company is now the highest valued tech IPO since Facebook and Alibaba, but is it built to last?

U ber has been so successful because it doesn’t sell car rides, it sells time and convenience. Just open the app — almost anywhere — and you’ll be able to find a ride. And for the most part, they’ve found a way to keep prices low.

Uber’s way of calculating the ride cost is really quite simple, they start with the regular base fare, add the per-minute rate multiplied by the time spent in car, plus distance times the per-mile rate. …


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