The eve of a new year.

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The Sketch to Scale life.
Jackson Pollock’s early sketches.

It’s The eve of a new year. And a new job. At the present moment, I sit in a hotel as I prepare to embark on one of the most exciting cross country moves I’ve ever made. A macro-sized event. As I think back over the last year, it is filled with memories of trials, tribulations, and the constant reminders person I lost eight years ago. Eight years ago. Yes, eight years ago. I was merely getting through life and on the eve of most nights last year. I wasn’t sure what was next for me. Those days a blur. Macro Problems. Micro Steps.

W O O D Y + A L L E N

2There was an article I read. Something like a Woody Allen paraphrase I ran across went like this: There are times in life when we walk for hours and forget the days and night that linger. Those are the days to remember. Sorry Woody — I’m not a savant at writing, but I remember this and your incredible ability to continue to contribute despite the harsh realities of life you’ve encountered or been well aware. Here is the wordsmith’s quote and a new year that starts with simplicity and begins with me:

My correlating response and purpose in this writing this is to say that as the new year rolls in, the new job begins, and new relationships develop. I want to suggest to you this anecdotal quote and provide homage and respects to those that I would not have been able to come to this point had it not been many others support. First, I look to my mother whose love, support, and effort has been the strongest — provided her “Bananas.” That — the word that describes the words, means, measures, and well-intended tactics I often spurned. She means well and I love her for it. Without her this year, I’d be flat on my heals. Possible ass. — And non-Existent for the literal-minded reader pining that I remember she birthed me. Second, my family, Adam Baaklini, Joe Hunsicker, Garth Ancier, Mike Perkins and well, many others like Luke Griffith who sent random cards, phone calls, and occasional texts to keep my going. Luke sent me a card almost a year ago that could have never been more timely. As an intense season of college came to end. A forgotten season lurked.

S H E R Y L + S A N D B E R G

0 As I look at Sheryl Sandberg and her new years resolution, I’m inspired by her willingness to write so transparently about the recent grief she underwent in the tragic death of her Husband. I am sympathetic and also admiring of here honesty and resilience to reshape her path and redefine her existence with the support of the people nearest and dearest to her. This while still maintains her high level of productivity and strong individuality. Her post here:

That season — The beginning of my grief began to surge into my peripheral. Finally, into my focus as I neurotically buried my head in the sand. Nearly literally moving out into LA to explore and escape. I found books, papers, and focused on the things I aspired to be. Churning my feet through the streets and working to make ends meet. Learning. Growing. Understanding the world. A few constants in my life. And one constant I saw that was timeless throughout mankind. Technology. So, as someone with a degree and a head full of ideas I need to continue to work on my skills and experience in the area.

J A C K S O N + P O L L O C K

1This man has one of the more unique creations. Something very unique because his art is mean to depict the expression of the maker without a planned destiny for the work. Each stroke or splat is a product itself. An end to the means of abstraction is over a series of multiple takes by the artist and a with the variety and attempts forms something out of nothing but the elements. No one really knows what. Not even the artists. It’s a blank canvas and it’s only boundaries are the canvas alone.

Jackson Pollock work. Left: An expressionist abstract. Right: An early Sketch.

Why I tech? Why you should Tech? 
 No matter when you were born or what point of view you come from technological progress is eminent. When someone you love dies, there is nothing you can do but to accept eventually the realities that are. I was stirred and stripped, but I continue to fight and challenge ever question my head kept, engaging with a book, or conversation with others I respected or consider more intelligent than me. Cumbersome and dark, I eventually found the light. The light was not bright. It was not pretty. It just allowed me to see. And what I saw and still see as that we create the lives we want by working towards the future that we want. Sketching and scaling our lives. Living Smarter. Flex and Technology exist around this ideology. So the fusion our natural abilities, work ethic, pervading passion and increasing needs of the age demand us to do something. I spend hours researching and imagining and understanding the future I want to create. We can’t do this alone. Stoicism yes, but support and people are the sole force behind every breath of existence and the miraculous applications of enjoyment made possible. Solving problems in technology and innovating is what calls and cooed at me this night and the nights past. Thinking, creating and reinventing efficiencies both seen and unseen gets me giddy, yes. When it comes down to it though the things that move me are you and people I work and create for outside of just myself. Without the people above and you people on the other side of this optical fiber or the people who inspire and allow us this beautiful existence to spur us on we have nothing. Not even a notebook. So I’m eager to create the future at Flex.

To further serve people and clients, and to share this passion for the longevity and eminence of technology. Here is a little infographic of recent years of technological unicorns within the last 15 years:

And The last millennium?

Today, some of those achievements by men over the age are heightened by the interconnectivity of the world. It remains to be the most valuable and helpful tool to our modern existence. I’m optimistic it will continue that the good that will come will outweigh and risks of its benevolence. How’d we get here? It was the same then. As you think back to the risk takers and builders, you’ll see a list of pioneers to the new worlds — like De Leon and Columbus, scientists like Tesla and Edison. Entrepreneurs like Ford and Vanderbilt, Structures, like the pyramids of Egypt and vessels for transportation like the Titanic, the printing press, reformers of the church, the creation of the web, and the iPhone

M @ T T + T H O R N T O N

5So, I think back on losing my dad eight years ago, and the things that swept him off to sea will undoubtedly strengthen my anchor on the things that inspire me to last a lifetime and beyond. I set up the next year with a steely resolve for a purposeful life. A thoughtful work. Intentional relationships. And A conscious effort to think and live differently than the year before. Deliberate and detailed. To that effect, I share my thoughts and opinions to express myself, as observations, not definitive statements. I hope that readers and the people who I come in contact over 2016 will see I hold to these personal effects to the best of my ability. Here’s to a rapid and better conversion rates for the resolutions than the previous year.

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01/04/2016 — Work — Day 1

My New Years Resolution + Sketch to Scale Life to follow in the next post.

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