Reviewing students assignments and providing feedback can be a laborious and time-consuming task. Scaling feedback is a problem for courses with large enrollments. Some methods exist to streamline the process and save time, such as

  • Instructors can use tools such as grading rubrics to standardize the review and provide feedback.
  • Pre-written feedback statements can be copy & pasted into online reviews.

The alternative is to spend a great amount of time marking up a PDF or printed assignment. Most students seek to improve and assignment feedback provides necessary information on their performance. Depending on the student, the feedback may or…

I recently attended a technical conference, and all the talks had good content, easy to read/understand slides, and effective oral delivery. But there was one key factor that separated the excellent presentations from the good ones — the speakers who delivered extemporaneously instead of reading.

In the engineering communication course I teach, I advise my students to not read their speeches because of the many issues that arise with reading (e.g., monotone delivery pattern, lack of enthusiastic tone, disengagement with audience, etc.). So, I was pleasantly surprised at the oral delivery skills demonstrated by those who read. …

Disclaimer: This essay is written for an audience of one, me. If you have come across it and appreciated it, great. If you think I’m totally wrong, that’s great too. This is my corner of cyberspace, and I have no tolerance for hate, fallacious reasoning, logical fallacies, or cyberbullying. I respect your opinion to disagree with me; it’s what makes America great. I’ll engage in any intellectually honest debate as long as it doesn’t devolve into ad hominem attacks, etc.

I am very aware I have lived a privileged life. I know I am blessed to have only encountered gun…

The journey to the starting line at Santa Rosa 70.3 started with a bike fall at Vineman 70.3 last July. Initial denial of a serious injury and then determination to come back sum up my journey.

At mile 5 of the Vineman bike course I incorrectly geared a short but steep hill and fell hard onto my hip. Afterwards I brushed myself off and rode another 51 miles before fully realizing the hip muscles were not happy. I finished but knew something was seriously wrong even if it took months for me to fully realize (and later accept). Physical therapy…

Matt Stoner

Creative Problem Solver and Software Development Expert in Higher Ed and ELearning

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