I Think We Can Safely Say The American Culture War Has Been Taken As Far As It Can Go
Caitlin Johnstone

This has been a sinking feeling watching the alt right square off against the mcresistance. While good information is clearly available online, stuff like you, corbett report, and other activists like chris hedges, wikileaks, sibel edmonds, ryan dawson??(still trying to evaluate him), redacted tonight, and a multitude of other independant media outlets and activists i’m not mentioning, it seems like many people overlook the truly good independent media for faux independent media like the young turks, or whack jobs like alex jones if they finally decide to break free from the mass propaganda we call msm. That or they’re still plugged into it’s matrix and believe there’s a world of difference between republicans and democrats. That inertia of uninformed masses continues our current trajectory down an increasingly depressing death spiral. Silver lining to the trump phenomenon is that many trump fans saw how skewed it was against him. And they are awake to the powers that be, they just lack fundamental understandings of basic concepts. In it’s most simplified abstract argument; we are a species like any other species, at or likely above our current carrying capacity, so we must either reform or drop our numbers, or nature will do it on its own terms and not ours. We can’t even have this basic discussion on the main stream on the regular, just keep chugging along, keep voting dem or repub, and keep buying what is being advertized.

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