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Kedge, easy to use global state hook for React

Kedge adds new useStore hook that feels and behaves a lot like useState except that it is shared globally.


npm install kedge


Previously, React state was an object that contained multiple properties describing the state of the component.

useState changed this. State is now a single value that represents a single property of the component. As such, components have multiple state objects.

The same principle applies to stores created with useStore. Store is a single value and an application will most likely have more than one.

When creating stores, I recommend doing so in a centralized location.

# store.jsimport { createStore } from…

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I don’t own a business. I don’t have business meetings. I don’t do “business”. I meet new people and have friends.

Giving out “business” cards feels shallow and superficial to me and I have always wanted to find a more personal way to connect.

Having conversations with someone is a great way to connect but exchanging contact information can disrupt that experience.

To solve these issues I don’t need a business card. I need a Personal Card.

I ordered a bunch of absolutely minimalistic business cards.

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The idea is that I can give every person I meet a personalized keepsake.

At first, I thought that most of the time I would simply write “Hi. …

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I don’t think Laravel needs any introduction at this point. Afterall, it is the most popular PHP framework.

This article assumes that you have already setup Homestead. If you have not, please read my previous article on the subject.


These instructions are specific to OS X. However, these concepts can be applied to other operating systems like Windows or Linux.

If you were to install Laravel from your local machine you might get an old version due to PHP being out of date. …


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