Fake News

Who knows whats real and whats fake in today’s world. With all the technology there is now people can add affects and basically do what they want to videos and posts. Nothing is pure original anymore and its sad. I’ll see a video on twitter and then see dozens of videos edited with a clip from a the one pure video I saw. They may be funny memes and stuff but the ability to do things like this makes it a problem when it comes to actual news. People can now start to make their own videos and posts about local or national news on their own accounts and now give people on social media either fake news or slightly twisted news.That is such a huge problem to me and the audience is the problem as well. People are believing all this fake news because they’re most likely not actually reading the full story. People probably just look at the headline or watch the video and that’s it because social media has made us people so inpatient that we just skim and scroll constantly.