Just like everyone else in this country of ours, I have been trying to stop thinking about the election but it just keeps poking its ugly head out wherever I go. I have deeply held opinions about the outcome of the election and what it all means but it’s been hard to put them into words. I am writing this in attempt to exhume this toxic cloud occupying my thoughts.

There is too much political correctness in America; sometimes we need to call it out like it is. Here is the reality:

People who voted for Trump are either delusional, uninformed, bigoted or all three.

No I don’t think that all Trump supporters are evil. Many Trump supporters had good intentions. However, clearly some of them were racist, like the leaders of the KKK and other white supremacist groups who have enthusiastically supported him. I know that many cast aside his vulgar displays of misogyny and racism as a means to “grab” media attention. There are plenty of people who voted for him that were able to overlook the terrible things he said because they knew that “he didn’t really mean it.” But here is the thing: it is easy for you, Trump supporter, to overlook those terrible things he said because they don’t affect you.

To the millions of Mexican Americans who are here legally and face racism and questions about their “status,” Donald Trumps rhetoric is threatening. To minorities who live in the inner cities and have had to face the brunt of stop and frisk like procedures, calls of “law and order” signify impending persecution. To Muslim Americans, some of whom have been here for generations, Trumps rhetoric signifies persecution. You may be willing to over look his rhetoric because the system is corrupt and you believe he is going to “shake it up.” But his rhetoric deeply affects minority communities across the country. People’s lives will be dramatically impacted by his rhetoric. However, you, trump supporter, will not have to face the ugly consequences of his words.

Lets talk real quick about some ugly consequences you will have to face though. Trumps “shake it up” policy platform will likely lead to the largest redistribution of wealth in American history. It’s not because he will take down those liberal crony capitalists, it’s because he will squeeze the American middle class out of existence while enriching the super wealthy. You might be saying at this point that I am full of %^&*, but lets break down the logic of my assertion.


First up to the chopping block are the tax cuts. You might say “this is great, I get to keep my money!” Well yes, you get to keep a few extra hundred or thousands of dollars a year, but the truly wealthy will get to keep millions. These deep tax cuts will also adversely affect our national revenue, plunging the country into debt. “But we can cut the size of the budget!” This is true, we can make the government smaller in order to accommodate for these tax cuts. However, the Military and veteran services take up 64% of the discretionary budget. That means that 36% of the budget goes to roads, research in energy, the IRS, national forest, national parks, BLM, EPA, Medicaid, education and all the other important things that government does. All those liberal handout’s, and by this I mean community, housing and Medicaid spending for the poor and elderly, account for roughly 10% of the total budget. Therefore if you cut the revenue by 20–40%, as Trump plans to do, cutting social spending alone won’t come close to producing a balanced budget. The easiest way to create a balanced budget would be to cut military spending, but Trump has vowed to increase military spending.

Trumps policies will greatly increase the national debt. This will have one of two consequences:

1. Quickly rising interest rates (loans become really expensive)

2. Inflation

Even if Trump does manage to cut all social spending, that doesn’t mean that you, Trump supporter, will not have to bare any social costs. People without insurance will now go to the emergency rooms to get care, and guess who is going to pay for that? You are. When federal dollars disappear for elder care, guess who is going to make up that difference? You are. When affordable housing options and counseling services disappear for the poor, who is going to have to pay for it? Well, liberal cities of course. The point is that these costs will not just magically disappear. They will be passed on to individuals and communities.

I am not a big fan of free trade but Trump’s policies are reckless. Trump has threatened to put tariffs on Chinese goods and rip up the NAFTA agreement. This, he says, will apparently bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. In reality, America is already the second largest manufacturer of goods in the world. America is still a manufacturing powerhouse. However, our factories don’t need as many people as they used to. Many processes in our factories have been highly automated and many of the goods we produce do not require significant man-hours. Starting a trade war with Mexico and China will drive up the price of “cheap” everyday goods. In simple terms Trumps trade policies will make Wal-Mart a lot more expensive.

Trump also plans to greatly expand infrastructure spending. He plans to do this by incentivizing private equity firms, through tax cuts, to build the bridges, roads and sewer systems of the future. This sounds great, private enterprise is better at this stuff right? Let’s think about this a little deeper. What happens when these projects go bankrupt and are left incomplete? What happens when the tolls on these bridges and roads begin to skyrocket because there is no public accountability? With privately backed infrastructure projects, local communities will be saddled with the fall out of any failed projects and there will be no recourse for higher tolls enacted by these companies. What about competition you might say? Well because of the scope of these projects there likely won’t be any competition. Private money, banks and private equity firms, will only finance these projects if a local monopoly is guaranteed. That’s right, privately owned infrastructure will mean you will be forced to pay what ever price the company wants for these services.


In the end, Trump may give you tax cuts but if he follows through with the rest of his policy plans the cost of many everyday expenditures will go up. Guess who will benefit from the increase costs of goods and services? The owners of capital, that’s right, rich people. But trickle down economics you may say. Trickle down economics does not work; it has proven to exacerbate inequality in all places it has been enacted. Remember those tax cuts for the rich that George Bush passed during his presidency? Did that work? Trumps policies will lead to a wholesale theft from the middle class. You will pay more for everyday products, his friends will be given huge monopolies in the name of better infrastructure and military contracts, and the cost of education and healthcare will go up. This theft will be hidden from you though. You, Trump supporter, will likely be distracted as Trump blames the impending economic trouble on minorities and foreign governments. That’s because you, Trump Supporter, live in a bubble. You might believe that there are more immigrants coming into America than ever before. You might believe that we are not currently deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records. You might believe that some places in this country live under sharia law. You might believe that Obama is a Muslim who has secretly supported Muslim causes throughout his presidency. You may believe that crime is worse than ever throughout America. You might believe that the system has been set up to enrich minorities to the detriment of the white middle class. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE.

It is not the coastal elites who are out of touch with reality. Hell, the coastal elites are not even elite. You, Trump supporter, make significantly more money than the so-called coastal elite. Liberal America strives to be accepting of different cultures, ideas and religions. Liberal America tries to enact policy that will help the most disenfranchised so that every one has the opportunity to live the American dream. Liberal America also tends to be where many of America’s most innovative and successful companies are born. Liberal America is likely not what you think it is. If you want to know more, take a look at the policy positions in states like Oregon, California, Washington, New York and see if they really are as terrible as you think. You, Trump supporter, have been in a bubble. It’s okay if you have realized your mistake now that the election is already over. We can get back on the right course in two years.