Dak v. Romo: The Finale

How the ending to this saga is everything about the Dallas Cowboys in a nutshell

A sad Tony Romo walked up to a podium for the first time in a while this week. He had been planning to come back into the limelight once he was healthy and all ready to go again, and this was true. But it wasn’t the speech he was planing to give. It was a concession speech to Dak Prescott, the hotshot rookie out of Mississippi State who took the coveted role of starting QB of the Dallas Cowboys just 10 weeks after being labeled a placeholder until Romo got back. It was similar to the speech Hillary Clinton gave after she lost the election. He congratulated Dak and said he only wished for the best for the Dallas Cowboys. You could tell by watching it that Romo had a glim look in his eyes. He was beholden to the fact that he would no longer have the ability to lead the most influential team in the history of football. He was also beholden to the fact that this was probably the best team that has been here in his entire career and he wouldn’t get to lead it. It was a sad day for Tony Romo and for everybody who supported him. This guy was the QB of the last decade and he would never get that one Super Bowl ring that would put a cherry on top of his career sundae.

This type of a move is precedented though. Brady replaced Bledsoe after he went down with an injury and Romo also replaced Bledsoe after Bill Parcells and Cowboys brass had had enough of him. But, this move was different. Romo was the face of the franchise for the last 10 years. You couldn’t talk about the Cowboys without thinking of him. He was the man. He was the savior of Cowboys football after many miserable years in the early-2000s and a super fun (Just kidding) stint with Dave Campo. And sure he went 8–8 a lot and sure there weren’t too many bright playoff moments. But, that wasn’t necessarily his fault as his defense has consistently been atrocious year after year.

And now we sit here wondering “What the f@#k just happened?”. I know I’m thinking that and I’m sure Romo is thinking that too. And we also have to face a beautiful reality. This all happened because Dak Prescott is insanely good! Him and Zeke Elliot have been a lightning rod to a once stagnant 4–12 Cowboys team led by Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel. He’s done everything we could have asked for.

And yet we still sit here thinking “What? I thought Jerry would ride or die with Romo forever and ever until the apocalypse hit.”

Welp, that was until Jerry saw the next big thing. And he just said “See ya later Tony! I got my ass an insane quarterback now!” It’s the most Cowboys thing ever. Only the Cowboys could make a switch like this feel so natural that we won’t even blink.

The Cowboys are America’s Team. They always have and they always will. But, what makes them that is the constant strive to be the best. To have the best. And this switch embodies that. Dak has led Dallas to an 8–1 start without taking his foot off the gas pedal. He’s been one of the if not the best quarterback to start off this year. And sure, maybe Romo would have done the same with our blistering O-Line and Zeke Elliot and the emergence of Cole Beasley. But the Cowboys aren’t like that. Dak came in right place and right time and it’s the best thing that could have happened to him. You can’t deny a man who brings you W’s.

And now, Romo is gone. Into the abyss. Mabye we’ll see him again in Chicago or somplace else. But, his legacy will never be cemented as a legendary Dallas quarterback, and that’s because of a little bit of Dak Prescott… and the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team damnit!

A Couple of Things

  1. The Miami Dolphins Actually Look Kind Of Good

Wait, what? Did I read that right? Yup, I said it myself. The Dolphins look like an actual NFL football team with a solid quarterback and everything. Let me repeat that.


They’ve rallied off four straight wins and are sitting pretty at 5–4 going into games at the Rams in Jared Goff’s first game (Hahaha) and home against the 1–8 49ers. So, by those standards they very well may be going into the last stretch of the season at 7–4. Deeeep breaths. Everything is normal, I insist. But, that being said they are still in the loaded AFC and are in a division with New England. That is a problem because right now they sure as hell ain’t winning their division and they most likely can’t win a wild card without a really smooth finish to the year or a s#@t-ton of luck. This is because the AFC playoff picture goes like this: New England up top, AFC West next and then the poo-poo platter. That doesn’t sound that bad, but you have to realize the fact that the AFC West is LOADED. Chiefs, Raiders, and Broncos. So, by logical standards, one of those teams wins the division and the other two get the wild cards. And… there leaves the Dolphins. All that hard work for nothing….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Watching the Dolphins hopes even after a great season fall apart is funny.

2. Packers are looking awfully strange

If you had told me going into the season that the Packers and the Cowboys have different records and that one of their’s would be 8–1 while the other one’s would be 4–5, I don’t think I would have flinched. Hands down the Packers were the better team yadda yadda yadda. But then something strange happened. The Cowboys started looking really good and the Packers started looking horrible and even lost to the craptastic Colts!

It’s just plain weird. The Packers are supposed to be the NFL’s finest. The best of the best. And now, they look like the mediocre of the mediocre. Could it be due to Aaron Rodgers having a massive dropout? Sure. Could it be due to Mike McCarthy actually being not that good of a coach? Maybe. Could it be due to Ha-Ha Clinton Dix changing his name to Ha-Ha Clinton Lost? Wait, WHAT?

But, really we’ll probably never know. These Green Bay Packers are looking weirder than ever before and I think that we’re all a little creeped out.

3. Jared Goff is finally here

It’s about dang time!! I mean did you see just how bad Case Keenum was? Watching him operate in the redzone last week was like watching a train go crashing into a brick wall and not break it. It was horrible and weird. But, now it’s Goff time! And we’ll all finally get the answer to the looming question of, “How bad is he?”. It’s taken him 9 weeks, yes 9 WEEKS to get past Case Keenum in the depth chart. And I legitimately think that on my best day I am just a smidge better than him. But, we’ll see. It’s only a matter of time until we have the answer to the question that’s been burning in our bellies for the last 9 weeks.