anybody that creates, creates for themselves.
Daniel J Rodriguez

“Anybody that creates, creates for themselves.” Yea that’s unfortunately where we‘ll never agree. Since you referenced my career, Digital Art Director <- no quotes, people that desire to engage do so in ways that engage the audience they wish to speak to. I understand the notion that art and design does this all the time, and that’s why I’m good at it. Kanye likens himself to Steve Jobs, regularly. Do you think the iPhone or iPad changed the world simply because that was the phone Steve wanted in his pocket? Of course not. It was about filling voids, and exposing the masses to new and different ways to interact with each other and the world that they would enjoy and find value in.

And if you think Michael Jackson made “Thriller” and didn’t say to himself, “yo they’re gonna LOVE THIS” you’re mistaken. He said himself after “Off The Wall” wasn’t recognized he set out to make an undeniably brilliant piece of work, which is exactly what he did. It was his self-expression AND it also sounded amazing to the world. It’s not all about what I want, of course not, nor I do I want anyone’s “old albums”(thanks Jay). I’m simply referencing a time when a select few folks that I admire had a view of self-expression that was closer in line with what I enjoyed listening to. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, as you said, I only speak for Matt, hence the opening statement regard my dissatisfaction.

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