She’s the only one left who still picks up the
phone when it’s me in the middle of the night.

“I’m done chasing these women around.” I explained.
“I’m just going to wait until I find someone
who isn’t into playing these fucking games.”

I heard her breath tighten for second as she sat up and
then those two familiar clicks of the lamp on her nightstand.

“So,” she said. “you’re giving up?
Listen, I’ll make this short because I need
my sleep and you’ll be up all night either way-
Don’t stop moving. If you stop moving, you’ll die.”

I hung up, took out my wallet, and dumped all
of the phone numbers I’d saved into the trash can.
Maybe it was good advice, I was hoping it wasn’t.

My ears focused in to the clock on the wall.
I never seemed to hear it ticking until I was alone.
After that, the passage of time became deafening.

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