Brave New World + LOTR meets 1984 Post-Gene Editing Dystopia

For the past six months, I’ve been working on a Michael Crichton-esque epic adventure.

Set in the year 2096, over sixty years after 90 percent of the world have died from a manmade Bioplague — the result of the Experiments, where humanity was audacious enough to think we could engineer a better human — humanity has split to four very unequal subspecies: tech immortals, cyborgs, the genetically enhancer and the half human/animal animotes (unfortunate early test subjects).

The story follows a poor sixteen-year-old wolfish (altered half human-wolf) boy from a backwoods animote town, who discovers hidden cybernetic powers thought only possessed by elites and whose existence threatens the elitist, tyrannical Global Democratic Republic.

If it sounds interesting and you’d like to grab the first five chapters free to share feedback which may get taken into the book. Hope you enjoy!

Matt Ward

Written by

Matt Ward

Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, Entrepreneur, Author - The Disruptors Podcast: | Tech Investing + Podcast: | 3 Exits @mattwardio

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