Stackify Prefix review and thoughts

Locate and troubleshoot application performance issues and other problems like unhandled exceptions, with a good and lightweight diagnostic/monitoring tool, is needed to improve the quality of applications during the development stages. I can present some important points about the importance of having a good process to monitoring applications during development cycle or support tasks:

  • Find out the loading time of application pages;
  • See the bottlenecks of your application identified by line of code or SQL lookup;
  • Find out how each component or service is affecting application performance and resolve everything before deploy it on production environment (save money and time!);

A well structured and defined process, aided by the use of appropriate monitoring tools is a good practice of software engineering, regardless of the development methodology used, as well as for support teams.

Why is important to use a good tool for inspect in details the behavior of your application before deploy it in production environment?

- Improve the quality of the software that is being developed;
- Improve the performance of application, through monitoring your pages constantly with diagnostic tools;
- Find out problems early in the development stages;
- Avoid or decrease the numbers of bugs in production environment during the use of the software;
- Know the behavior of the application in details when it is being developed. The application can not be a black box to developers!
- During application development or support tasks, developers need to have a detailed view of source code behavior when the application is running. This is critical to increasing product quality and also facilitating the technical support tasks;
- In an Agile Development approach, this can be used to improve the quality of software in each development iteration.


In this article I will present an evaluation of two diagnostic tools and monitoring for applications developed in .NET.

We will focus on tool evaluation using the following criteria:

- Ease of installation;
- Support documentation available;
- Usability;
- Developer interface quality;
- Application performance;
- Available resources.

I have a lot of problems related to quality of code in my company, but using the Stackify we can improve the quality of our software, just by monitoring and finding out the problems related to the code early in development cycle.

Another important thing is to gain independence of the IT Operations area to monitor and diagnose the applications, with Stackify the developer can do this in development time and the quality of deliveries in production or test environment increased greatly.

After a short time of use of the tool I found out errors in the source code of application that could only be found with a lot of effort, after the application was in production, but using the Prefix this task was anticipated at development time.
One of the concerns before start using any monitoring tool is the performance of the tool and how it can affect your application, but Prefix is lightweight and stable, it does not affect the performance of the applications being monitored. Furthermore the install process is really easy
and the available documentation is good and sufficient for a quick use, requiring little learning curve.