My Thoughts on NAB

So this past week I attended the National Association of Broadcasting or (NAB) in Las Vegas for the first time. Coming from a small town it was a lot to take in. So many people trying to sell you their products it can feel like it doesn’t stop. But from all the products you see NAB is still worth it for anyone that deals with video/film production.

Let me explain…

You get to see what the best in the industry are doing

I didn’t really plan beforehand and so one of the first things I did was pick up at each booths was their schedules. I learned very quickly that EVERYONE at some point had people coming in talking about their experiences with certain products or workflow solutions. Adobe, B&H, Canon, you name it all had panel talks going none stop and most (if not all) were well worth it. I was lucky enough to stand and watch Philip Bloom talk at the B&H booth about how he filmed the Wonder List and from several Canon panelist about filmmaking techniques. The quality of the people talking was top notch and if you go to NAB it’s a must to hear others talk about how they’ve accomplished success. You can spend the entire day just learning.


This was something I really wanted to do but didn’t want to pony up the money for but the workshops that were put on looked amazing. They ranged from filmmaking techniques to Post-Production World to workflow help. Literally anything you need help with or wanted to learn they had experts waiting to teach you…for a price. This is something I wish I did and after going regret doing. Everyone can invest money for some sort of help and I could have easily done it. Next time I will be taking advantage of the workshops to brush up on my skills.


This can be tricky. When you are at the trade show there is so much going on. People talking, people walking, people trying out products that it feels like no one has time to talk. I quickly learned during day 1 that you had to master the 3 minute elevator pitch since thats about how long you can stand talking to someone on the floor. It’s just the fact that their are so many people and so many things to see that talking comes last.

I had the honor of going with my father but I also had my buddy Darren go. When Darren or my Dad would walk around their was more seeing then talking to folks. Also, it is incredibly easy to lose someone on the trade show floor. If you stop to see something don’t expect your friend to do the same and with so many people your guaranteed to have to call them after 5 minutes of being separated.

and finally…

You get to try ALL THE PRODUCTS

With every film vendor and company on the planet at one place with products to try its hard to not feel like your in a video candy shop. All of the top line cameras, software, lights, lenses, audio equipment in one place to try. It’s hard not to go wrong. I acted like a little kid on christmas and I know anyone in the industry would do the same.

All in all, I spent 2.5 days at NAB and felt like it was plenty. With so much to see you won’t see all of it but just going to seeing what the future holds can be exciting. If your wondering on why to go to NAB here are some reasons:

  1. Your in the market for a new toy and want to try a bunch of things out before purchasing.
  2. WORKFLOW PROBLEMS. Besides the hardware there was an entire city dedicated to workflow solutions. If your struggling and need help you should go to NAB
  3. Learn new tips and tricks for the experts. YOU MIGHT HAVE TO PAY EXTRA
  4. See what others are doing in the industry

This is my survival guide for NAB. Plan ahead since there is so much to see and do. Make sure you bring water and then just soak it all in.