Last Friday night I was in a reflective mood and I wanted to try and engage my family in giving me some feedback about what I could do to be a better dad.

I tried something was based on the Wise Crowds workshop format, not that they had any idea what I was up to! We did this with my wife Anna, Rufus (8) and Torben (7). It took about 45 minutes, while I was cooking dinner. It turned out to be a really lovely and insightful activity. …

In my work, I come across many organisations who desperately want to enjoy the benefits of practicing BDD, yet set themselves up for failure.

Growing new practices in your teams is a lot like growing plants: you need to create the right environment for the changes to take root and establish themselves. Did you ever bring one of those basil plants home from the supermarket, and three weeks later it was all limp and brown and, well, a bit dead?

That wasn’t the basil plant’s fault.

In a similar way, there are some systemic impediments we see organisations put in…

Barbara is a business analyst.

Until recently, Barbara hated BDD.

When her company first adopted Agile, lots of things changed. She was told she no longer needed to write requirements documents. Instead, she was expected to express the business user’s requirements as something called User Stories and put them into their Agile project management tool.

Jordan, their old Agile Coach, had told Barbara that each User Story needed to have acceptance criteria. When Barbara asked Jordan what acceptance criteria were, he was pretty vague. “Just write whatever you need so that the developers will understand what you want them to…

I just got home from a week-long retreat with the rest of the team from Cucumber, along with a special guest @salfreudenberg. We started the meetup by reflecting on and sharing the values and motivations that have brought us all together, trying to sum them up into one short, memorable statement of purpose that expresses our shared mission.

We covered the walls and windows with hand-drawn posters showing various attempts at distilling into words the meaning behind the stories we told each other. We couldn’t quite find the words to do those stories justice.

This post is an attempt to…

Before you pull a user story into development, it’s crucial to have a conversation to clarify and confirm the acceptance criteria.

Some people do this during their backlog refinement or planning poker sessions. Other teams have a specific three amigos meeting, specification workshop or discovery workshop.

Whatever you call this conversation, many teams find it hard: it’s unstructured, it takes too long and gets boring. The result is they don’t do it regularly or consistently, or maybe they just give up on it entirely.

I’ve discovered a simple, low-tech method for making this conversation short and powerfully productive. …

Matt Wynne

I like tea, I like solving problems. In that order. Co-founder of @cucumberbdd Author of

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