7–11 Pick Up

Man, I thought me and Sherri-Ann would be together 4 eva. Especially after we got those tattoos on Revere Beach. But, things just didn’t work out. Her baby’s daddy kept coming around and he even showed up at my work one day. Me an Sull and Smitty were gonna go fuck him up at his work but that never really came together. Probably for the best because Sull is on probation and Smitty has a court date and I do not need another jackpot. I think Ma would have a stroke if that happened.

So, I was at the 7–11 (the convenience store for those of you who don’t know; pioneers of the Slurpee) grabbing some smokes. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t smoke but I’ve cut down and sometimes my life gets tense. Ma would hit me with a broom handle if she found out. And damn, they are expensive.

Anyway, there was this chick outside. I seen her before, I know, cuz I recognized the red plaid pajama pants she was wearing, you know the type. So, she’s standing outside, smoking a butt and talking on her cell phone. As I walked by she says, “Well, he’s a piece a shit anyways and he didn’t even come to get Caitlin when he said he would.” I gave a smile and a nod as I passed, kinda sympathetic, and I got a little smile back. She’s lookin’ pretty good with a little lip ring and the eyeshadow workin’. She had on one of those LOVE PINK hoodies. I could also see a little heart tattoo on her ankle above the slipper. Nice.

So I go into the store to get the smokes but I go to the back to get some chips and soda and shit. When I come to the front she’s at the counter trying to buy a pack of Marlboro Lights.

She says to the guy, “Can I give you three dollars and put the rest on my card?”

I understand. Who hasn’t been short on cash and not remembered how much is on the overdraft?

So the guy puts it through and, wouldn’t you know it? Comes up short.

She’s like, “Seriously? There’s no more money on that shit? I thought my check came through already.”

The guy gives her the “sorry miss” routine and she’s bummed. I been workin’ pretty steady this past month so I got some cash. I mean, I gave Ma some money and spent some on my car and shit and hangin’ with da Crew (Da Crew, baby, ya heard?) but I still had plenty on my card. I see the sign behind the register for the two-for-one Camel Lights. I don’t usually smoke Camels but this gives me an idea for an in with this chick.

I say to her, “Hey, if you can deal with Camels I’ll get that two-fer deal and you can have a pack.”

She’s like, “Seriously? That’d be awesome. Thanks.” Now she’s all smiles.

So, I get her the pack and we smoke a butt outside, both from my pack but whatevs. I always try to be a gentleman with the ladies. Her name is Leanne and she tells me about her kid, Caitlin and shows me a picture of her on her phone. She’s almost two. And she tells me about her shitty ex-boyfriend and what a dick he is and how he was supposed to put cash into her EBT account but didn’t cuz he’s a dick. His name is Phil Calullo or something like that. She’s looking for a job as a receptionist which I think she would be great at because she has a great personality. I mean, you can just tell. And she and her friend, Leah, are trying to get some singing thing going on You Tube. They just need the money to shoot the video. So I tell her about Da Crew’s rap song and thevideo on Dunnie’s iPhone and how we’re gonna upload that shit. So we got some goals in common. I like that. And I can see she really has talent.

So, I got her contact info and we’re gonna hit it up next weekend. She said her mom takes the kid one weekend night cuz she still needs to go out with her friends and shit. I totally understand. We all need time to unwind. She needs to go out with the girls and I need to go out with the boyz…Da Crew baby!!!

Oh snap! I forgot that I’m supposed to go over to Sull’s to play Call of Duty this weekend. Sull, Sully (Brian Sullivan), Dunnie, Malph (douche), the Hapster and Mikey are all in. And I know Dunnie will have a fat bag. Shit. But they’ll understand. In fact, they’ll probably be like, “Awesome, bro!” At least I hope so.

So, I gotta pick some place good. Maybe the TGI Fridays by the Plaza (The South Shore Plaza). That’s a good date spot. Gotta be on my game; I haven’t been out with a lady in a while. This will be good.

I really wish I had that Patriots jacket though.

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