Is you thinking blocked?

There is most likely a project you are beginning or you are in the process of finishing something.

Perhaps you have hit a creative impasse.

This is not just for artists or writers.

In our professional lives we take on new assignments all the time and at certain point we find ourselves at a deadlock whereby we are unable to move forward.

Ideas are dangerous in a good way and when inspiration hits, you must take full advantage of it while it lasts.

Excitement and eagerness for new ways of thinking enriches our own existence and that of other people.

In order to advance as a society, we must always constantly cultivate new ideas and methods of thinking in order to ascend to the next stage..

People are not born with creativity and anyone has the ability to come up with ingenious ideas at any time. There are times when we believe that there are no new ideas and everything worth doing has already been done.

Here are some suggestions that will help you get unstuck, breakthrough and win the inner battle for creativity.

  1. Look At It From A Different Perspective

Tediousness is one to thing main reasons why people give up on their personal quests.

When you do hit a wall, stop doing anything and take examine things from a new angle.

By zooming out, you see the depth of what you are creating and can focus on the areas that are most important.

This will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes and waste valuable time.

If needed, step back even further and this will allow you to get an even bigger scope of what you are trying to accomplish.

Moreover, when looking at the problem from a new vantage point, you come to realize that in some cases your tools simply to be sharpened to complete the project.

2. Do Something You Have Never Tried Before

Guaranteed, you have heard the cliché that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again in the same way.

Develop a new approach or mindset and attempt something unfamiliar and unusual.

You will be surprised when a strange concept miraculously hits you and the universe works in your favour to help you prosper.

Stagnation delays our ability to develop a solution and by going off the beaten path we develop a new outlook.

3. Look At Other Artists

Every trade has its native aspects and art is articulated through different forms and variations.

Architects, designers, painters, sculptures, musicians and other artists each see the world through a different perspective.

Steve Jobs often looked at other designers work when he created his products. He also believes that things need to be beautiful and both the outside and inside.

By looking at other artists work, we see their point of view and since we are social creatures, the mirror neurons in our brains allow us to feel what other people feel.

Music is also beneficial because it allows us to understand the message and feelings of the artist through vibrations.

To express who you are in a distinctive manner, be willing to see how other artisans create their work.

4. Elicit Random Feedback

Getting input from people that are close to us is great.

Because of a previous bond and relationship, they may not be as candid as they should be since they do not want to hurt our feelings with the truth.

Getting input from people that do not know us is even better, since they have no prior experience with us and will give you their opinion from an unfiltered and objective angle.

5. Travel

When you leave your studio or work-space, you step outside of your routine to have fresh life experiences.

Local places are good to visit, however, international travel is ideal when you are deeply stuck and cannot develop news ideas.

You will meet new people and see the world through their eyes, while being exposed to their beliefs and values.

New cultural experiences in geographical locations makes us cultivate a faith in humanity as a whole.

Smells, sounds, sights, tastes and feelings in new foreign regions will ignite mental plasticity and invigorate new ways of thinking.

6. Be Alone

Silence opens up the space for unlimited possibilities and infinite potential.

Isolation grows your own unique voice, while eliminating the noise of other people’s opinions and influence. Sometimes the noise of our day to day hustle forces us to miss the small and important details of life.

Solitude allows you to introspect and develop self-awareness to reflect on what you have accomplished. By being conscious of our shadow self and inner demons, we learn to find beauty and truth.

7. Be With Others

We are all our own worst enemies and critics from time to time.

When you spend time with other people and talk to them, you get outside of your head and develop deeper personal connections with friends and family.

Human beings are gregarious by nature and have the need to be with other people in a social environment.

As a side note, sex doesn’t hurt the creative process either.

8. Destroy Something

Misinterpretation Alert: Don’t be like Vincent Van Gogh. He self-loathed by drinking absinthe and self-mutilated by cutting off his own ear.

There are reasons why some of the most famous artists of all time have the stereotype of being tortured, alienated and misunderstood.

Catharsis is the cleansing and/or release of emotions through art.

By destroying something, we actually create something new.

When technical things are taken apart and broken down, you can reverse engineer the process from beginning to end and vice-versa.

As a side note, the best leaders of all time have drawn from their personal suffering to effectively manage chaos. During periods of turmoil, their minds become capable of very unconventional thinking to develop empathy and envision a solution.

9. Go Back To The Beginning

There will be points when you feel like giving up, but quitting is never the best option.

By returning to the start, we allow ourselves to realize why we began the journey in the first place.

Most likely, you began because you wanted to create something meaningful that you are truly passionate about. You need to completely lose track of time and this will put you back in the zone.

Whenever you do embark on a new voyage, you may want to document gradual improvements. This will be beneficial because you will see how you started with nothing and built something from scratch. You should also track your progress and set milestones to prevent yourself from becoming discouraged.

10. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

K.I.S.S: Keep it simple… stupid.

11. Sleep

Your fatigue will encumber your concentration, especially if you have been working long hours on a continuous basis for a substantial amount of time.

In a sleep deprived state, you hinder your ability to control your emotions, make proper decisions and think with clarity.

When you sleep, your brain reproduces an assortment of nerve-signalling chemicals called neurotransmitters. These chemicals are fundamental in learning, memory, and insight. Once replenished, you will be more alert and capable of dealing with stress.

12. Drugs/Alcohol

Misinterpretation Alert: Don’t use heroin or MDMA recklessly to the point of oblivion.

Used in moderation, recreational drugs and alcohol can stimulate areas of your brain that previously remained dormant.

Be responsible though and make sure you are not putting your health and wellbeing at risk.

13. Nature and Integral Attitude

By being with nature, we return to our ancestral roots and recognize that the earth has a spirit.

This will sound new-agy, intricate and complicated and is the reason why this part is at the end.

By looking at the complexity of nature, we think outside of ourselves and see the inter-connectivity of everyone and everything in existence — past, present and future.

Everything is amalgamated in a single holarchy and each new level must transcend and include the previous stage.

There is a hierarchy and fractal to the universe and infinite possibilities exist.

The ego dissipates when you get in to flow state of creativity and you completely lose track of space and time.

This is some deep s**t.

More to come.