Do you know who you really are?

We think we know ourselves, but perhaps we are completely oblivious.

Upon deep self-examination, we become aware our real beliefs, opinions, weaknesses, drive, passions and intention.

For some, this can be agonizing when they become conscious of all the dishonourable actions they have taken in their lives.

The rationalizations may have been easy at the time, but once brought to the forefront of the mind, the discomfort develops.

Here are 13 observations on how more self-awareness will allow you live a more fulfilled life.

1. Look At Yourself In The Mirror

Don’t be overly judgemental of your exterior because this is not part of the exercise and it is on the inside that counts.

This sounds tawdry, but if you are able to look at yourself in the mirror you most likely have fairly high self-esteem.

If you do encounter negative emotion, this means that you need to really examine your previous behaviour and change your future course of action.

2. Grandiosity

Having an impracticable sense of superiority without having accomplished anything can be both deemed positive and negative.

Feeling like you are destined to accomplish something great, while taking massive amounts of action, should be characterized to be as honourable. This is especially admirable if you show compassion for the other people in your day to day hustle.

A delusional sense of grandeur, with disdain to see others as inferiors is indicative of sociopathy and potentially severe mental issues.

3. Self-Trust

Upon self-examination, you gain personal respect.

Very few people have the ability to be fully honest with themselves and those they encounter on a daily basis.

When you are capable of being fully truthful with yourself, you earn the trust of people and more importantly yourself.

4. Infallibility

Everyone stumbles from time to time and this is a universal human characteristic.

Having the sense that you can’t fail is one thing that may prove helpful in achieving your personal goals, however, being unaware of your slip-ups shows a deep lack of self-understanding

5. Bullies

When you oppress and torment, you are doing this from a place of insecurity. A powerful person uplifts people and does not put them down.

Gaining a sense of dominance from persecution only shows weakness.

Whether verbal or physical, bullying becomes habitual by the intimidator and is generally caused by unresolved past issues.

6. Quality Of Life

Being able to examine yourself on a regular basis makes you less defensive and open to receiving feedback in order to improve. Moreover, the need to control other people completely dissipates.

Everyone is a work in progress, so if you are willing to become self-aware you will not only increase your own happiness, but the overall happiness of your colleagues, friends and family.

7. Victims

Suffering in silence is soul draining.

Events may have happened in the past that caused you to deeply believe that you are permanently damaged.

Deep examination of the situation will be required and the ability to move forward will take time.

Whatever the scenario, you should not adopt the victim mindset as part of your personality.

8. Misfortune

When things don’t go your way, you must look introspect.

Nobody is perfect.

The benefit of failing hard allows you to become fully conscious your weaknesses.

9. Leadership

You can’t do everything yourself and when you know your flaws, you will be able to build a very strong team.

When assembling your tribe, you add members that are already proficient in skills that you are unqualified of to perform.

Your ability to recognize your imperfections and communicate them openly builds faith.

Members of your team that report directly to you are more likely to take instructions seriously. Further, they will be more likely to become candid with themselves.

10. Innovation

Numerous enterprises hope to change an industry once.

Certainly you want to make your customers happy, however, most revolutionary products and services were created from the inside out.

Several years ago, everyone scoffed at the concept of a high performance electric car at a low price point.

Tesla unveiled The Model 3 earlier this week and this is the conclusion of a decade’s worth of work by Elon Musk.

Elon wanted to bring the electric car to the masses at a reasonable price and he has spectacularly overdelivered.

11. Braggadocio

Google the acronym F.I.G.J.A.M.

When you boast about how awesome you are, you disrespect your teammates and allies.

Coming from this place will hurt you in the long run since you are constantly comparing yourself to other people. When you do predictably lose, your colleagues and enemies will not have any sympathy for you.

The next time someone is telling you about how proud they are of a personal accomplishment, do not pipe in and try to one up them. Instead, listen attentively and encourage them to achieve their next goal.

12. EQ

You might have all the skills in the world, mastered the art of virtually everything and have an unsurpassed IQ.

Concurrently, are aware of what makes you tick?

Are you in full control of your emotions?

Are you aware of how you make other people feel?

13. Sense of Humour.

The ability to embrace your imperfections and laugh at your failures makes you a stronger person.

You need to be the director of your own movie.

Don’t let your life become a Christopher Nolanfilm where every detail is super serious.

Instead, direct your life like a Judd Apatow film and take a more jocular and funny approach to life.

Use the aforementioned information in your day to day hustle to increase your productivity and live a more fulfilled life.