Fix Your Broken Diet Step 2.5

Sprite had it right, apart from their unhealthy

product, but the slogan is good.

HEY!!!! Have You done step 1 + 2?

Stop thinking you’re too advanced and skipping

steps, you’re not so go back & get it right.

Water is unavoidable for everybody in life

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you need

water and lots of it.

Obviously apart from people cutting weight for

competitions but that’s different

What Does It Do?

Your body is mostly water so it helps with a lot

of bodily functions.

Hunger is very often mistaken for thirst as they

feel very similar. Keeping your water up can

help keep you feeling full for longer.

Having skin trouble? Water can clear that up.

If you don’t drink it you will die.

More energy, better mood, better performance,

weight loss and even more.

What more do you need?

Where do I get it?

Water water water

You do have other options as straight water

can get boring

First up is adding fruit to your water. It can be

lime, lemon, berries, mint, watermelon, citrus

fruits or whatever you want.

After that you have a few options, BUT they

do not count towards your intake.

They are just to help you break the taste of water

if you need too.

Green tea, herbal teas, vit hits, coconut water

^^^^these are all additions to break bring

some energy/a break from water. They do not

replace water in any way.

How Much Do I Need?

This is simple, 30–40ml per kg of bodyweight.

This is a baseline, if you’re active you need more.

If you did nothing else but steps 1, 2 and 2.5 the

results you would get would be insane.