Fix Your Broken Diet Step 2

Eat as much healthy food as you want

Eat at as much bad food as you want just count calories…

Make sure you hit your macros

Eat carbs

Don’t eat carbs

Eat fats

Don’t eat fats

Paleo, Atkins, weight watchers…..


See where I’m going with this? There’s so much nutrition advice out there where the hell does someone start?

Start with Part 1 if you missed it vvv

Well in my humble and correct opinion it’s with Food Quality.

You can count calories/macros all you want, but if your food quality is shit your health will plummet.

Shitty health = rebound weight gain

So what the hell do I mean?

The quality of food just means how many nutrients/vitamins are in it and what it’s made up of, simples.

So here’s how you fix it:

Eat 1 Ingredient Foods As Often As Possible

Think about this…..

Meat/fish/fowl/eggs/veggies/fruit/nuts/avocado/potatoes etc…..

The only ingredient is the actual food. That’s a good sign of quality.

So if you pick up some food in a supermarket, look at the ingredients and there’s 85 different ones [some of which don’t even look like words] then it’s prob not the best option.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t have those foods, it just means they shouldn’t be staples in your nutrition, more treats/cheats/whatever the hell ya wanna call it.

Anyone who follows me, particularly on snapchat [ ] knows I love a good pick & mix & I wouldn’t stop having them for anything or anyone, you just have to be smart about it.

If you act like a kid in Christmas morning every time then you’re flushing your results down the 🚽

So here’s what ya need to do:

85–90% of the time eat good quality foods

It doesn’t have to be 1 ingredient foods but they should make up the majority & other foods should have as few ingredients as possible (yogurt, good sauces, flapjacks, protein bars etc….are some examples)

10–15% of the time have the foods you truly love.

Thats it!!!!! Do that and you will get results.

Step 3 will dive into protein.

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