Matt Young
Feb 11 · 3 min read
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Peter Heeling

My boyfriend is coming to get me. My sexy boyfriend is coming to get me from the Decepticons and the bad guys from Halo. The bad guys from Halo have tied me up to the fence of the netball courts but my boyfriend has a Plasma Rifle. He always scores headshots.

My boyfriend is strafing around the corner of the music block. My boyfriend is with the new tall guy who walks when my boyfriend runs. The tall guy’s very lucky that my boyfriend plays with him.

My boyfriend is not very tall and doesn’t have a six pack but he knows every Transformer so I’m lucky to be with him. Every single girl at school thinks my boyfriend is sexy. I am also sexy with a big butt and big boobs.

Shockwave the Decepticon is flying towards my boyfriend and my boyfriend takes down Shockwave with one Rail Gun headshot. The tall guy was not looking, and says wow! when my boyfriend tells him. He tells the tall guy to pull out his Plasma Rifle but he doesn’t hold it right.

My boyfriend and the tall guy are getting closer to my prison and my boyfriend is still shooting but the tall guy has a pen. He is writing something down when a loud bell starts to ring and that means lunch is over but my boyfriend hasn’t saved me. The tall guy says quick, save Sherane, it’s time to have assembly but Megatron the leader of Decepticons appears. That’s bad luck! my boyfriend says and tall guy says sure is and my boyfriend battles Megatron with nothing but bare hands.

The tall guy says let’s go, come on and so my sexy boyfriend kills Megatron with just one punch and runs over to me. He’s about to save my life when two bad guys from Halo who have jetpacks come and grab me and they fly up to the sky!

Even though I’m in the sky I hear my sexy boyfriend tell the tall guy I’ve been snatched again and tall guy says oh well. The tall guy says let’s go but my boyfriend doesn’t need him so he comes to save me anyway — I can’t wait ’til he does.

My boyfriend runs to get some Sticky Bombs but they’re up high and the tall guy catches up with him and takes the bombs away. The tall guy says Play-Doh’s for later — how could he betray him! My boyfriend battles tall guy now with nothing but bare hands.

The tall guy has long arms but my boyfriend has more bravery. My boyfriend screams a battle cry and makes the tall guy bleed. My boyfriend sees a teacher and he starts bravely retreating. He fires off his Rail Gun but it doesn’t stop the teacher.

When my boyfriend climbs into his tree I am there waiting. My boyfriend cries and screams and scratches scars into his arms. I say ‘it’s okay boyfriend’ and then we kiss each other. When the teacher comes to get my boyfriend she can’t see me there.

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