The Midterms Are Over: Now What?

Every two and four years, the American public go to the polls and vote for their favorite or favored candidates for elected office. We think our leaders will act with the best interests of the American people in mind, and we all hope everyone will get along in the precess.

If only it was that easy.

America is in a more polarized time than ever. It certainly feels that way, especially if you follow the news and politics. It also seems that there are very few points of agreement between the two parties. One party wants to conserve what is great about America, but does little to that end, and the other wants to fundamentally transform America into something that is not America. To put it in simple terms, one party wants to keep America great while the other wants to make America like other countries.

Given the results of the midterm elections, the Republicans picking up 4 seats in the Senate and the Democrats taking back the House, the logical question arises now that the elections are done. Now what? How should we respond, as Americans to the outcomes of the election?

My answer is this: we must use raw political power to push a positive agenda that benefits a free society through Congress. With the resignation/firing of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, this is a starting point for conservatives. We need to call up our Senators through their district offices and tell them whether they should vote for or against whomever President Trump nominates. Better yet, we should have our own suggestions for whom the Senators should pressure the president to pick as the next Attorney General.

When a judge is up for confirmation to a court, we can do some research on that judge and tell our friends about his or her record. We can call Senators and pressure them in which way they should vote.

Or when a bill makes it through the House and into the Senate, we can do the same thing.

The bottom line is this: Republicans losing the House is not an excuse to sit back and hope our leaders make the right decisions. The 2020 elections will be here before long. We have to do what we can while we can. We have to use what we have while we still have it. Each primary season starts a new round with new candidates and new opportunities to elect conservative candidates to office. Election day is not the end. It is a new beginning. We have to fight for what we love about America, what America stands for, and the West and its values. If we conservatives do not fight, we accept defeat. And when we accept defeat, we let others control the destiny of America, for better or for worse.

Columnist and author Nick Adams explains why America is great in the following Prager University video.

From now until 2020 and beyond, let us strive to keep America great.