The Ford Model T 

On making prompt decisions

Advanced decision making and smooth, steadfast workflows, for the rest of us.

What made Henry Ford’s Model-T so successful, despite being the ugliest car on the road, in it’s day? On a broader scale, what made Henry Ford, the man, so successful?

Prompt decisions.

Every day, as leaders, we are required to make many decisions, the majority of which will have a guaranteed knock-on effect within our various teams. These decisions, if not made promptly, will slow down other processes in the machine that is your business. This surely applies in day-to-day life as well. Make decisions and keep your eye on the prize.

In an effort to prevent these bottlenecks, I implore you to consider the following statement:

A decision, made promptly and changed slowly, is better than a decision made slowly and changed promptly.(Source: Think and Grow Rich)

If you make your decisions promptly, your team can continue with the various other tasks which stem from your decision. If you are slow to change your decision, this demonstrates your belief in your decision, as well as showing that you have considered all necessary avenues required, during the decision-making process.

Decide promptly, change slowly (if at all).