In the first of our series on designing the Clarifai API we mentioned our transition from Django, to Goji, to grpc-gateway. Today, we would love to share some of what we have leaned by running grpc-gateway in production.

Grpc-gateway, a server for gRPC and RESTful styles

Grpc-gateway is a server that routes HTTP/1.1 request with JSON bodies to gRPC handlers with protobuf bodies. This means you can define your entire API as gRPC methods with requests and responses defined as protobuf, and then implement those gRPC handlers on your API server. Grpc-gateway can then transform your gRPC service into a RESTful API.

Even better, you can mux the…

At Clarifai we strive to build the best AI APIs on the market. We strongly believe in good conventions and rapid iteration on features so that you can get the latest in AI into your applications. We have gone through a few iterations of our API server framework that handles the traffic to our customers. These iterations began in 2014 with a python based Django server that we called v1 of our API.

Clarifai API — the early days

The advantages of Django in the early days of Clarifai were that all our researchers and engineers used Python as our go-to language and Django was the…

Every day, more of our world is optimized through artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars, baby monitors, shopping recommendations, personal assistants — AI is well on its way to augmenting every part of our human experience. As a result, our lives have the potential to be better than they ever were before, with machines completing rote tasks and freeing up our time to engage in higher order pursuits.

We started doing “artificial intelligence” back when the concept of AI was still a matter of science fiction. Today, AI isn’t just a terrible movie with Jude Law and that kid from The Sixth Sense, it’s a reality.

Over the last few years, we at Clarifai have immersed ourselves in the world of visual recognition AI. We created and mastered groundbreaking new technology, partnered with thousands of businesses and developers to create AI-powered solutions, and learned vital lessons from real users and customers that we’ve used to make our product better. You could say we’ve been neck-deep in deep learning…

Matt Zeiler

Founder and CEO of @clarifai

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