Really like the project, Matus.
Kevin Jiang

Hi Kevin, 
Thanks! Alright, so let’s break it down:

  1. You have built-in super reliable global payment system with very low fees. It takes no time and effort to setup, without any bureaucracy involved.
  2. No operational costs. Since people run platform by themselves, Ethlance doesn’t need to pay bills for servers, server admins, etc.
  3. No central point of failure. Blockchain gives us independence of cloud service companies, while still not having to worry about scaling issues.
  4. Open transparent system with no secrets. We don’t own any of users data, therefore they don’t have to blindly trust us. Our database is owned by everyone and smart contracts are open-source as well.
  5. Resistant to government ban & censorship. Although, it’s possible for our domain to be blocked, since DNS is centralised (this will hopefully change in future), our “servers” can’t be shut down.

So basically most of these advantages result in being able to operate with 0 fees while still having very scalable, stable system and small team.

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