Motion in Moscow

Many areas in the world can now be monitored remotely via spaceborne InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar). Thanks to frequent observations of satellites like Sentinel-1, we are able to analyse ground motions over wide areas simultaneously and with high precision.

Subsidence patterns of more than 2 centimetres per year (red colour) have been detected in Moscow and its suburbs in our analysis of Sentinel-1 radar responses mostly from man-made objects. Deformation map covers area of 5600 square kilometres and can be updated approximately once or twice a week, based on satellite radar image availability.

Deformation Map of Moscow and its suburbs (Credits: ©2017, Background Images: Google Earth™)

There are plenty of points showing no significant movement (green colour). However, several areas are affected by subsiding motion shown in yellow (-10 mm/year) to red (-20 mm/year) colour. Very few points are uplifting (blue colour).

Subsidence in affected areas

Radar on-board satellite transmits pulses towards the Earth’s surface. In each of the backscattering target on the ground (buildings, roads, monuments, antennas, poles, etc.) we are able to extract very precise displacement time-series — a graph showing millimetric displacement (vertical axis) in each image acquisition date (horizontal axis).

Displacement time-series

Without even visiting site in person, we can already tell very much about the ground settlement in monitored area.

InSAR point clouds over Moscow area. Detected subsidence shown in red

Average economic loss per year only due to landslides is approximately 4.7 billion euros in Europe.

The most efficient way to reduce the risks, would be to respond to emergencies faster and more accurately.

InSAR may potentially reduce operating costs in several million of euros in monitoring structures, providing a more detailed and frequent surveillance which will result in better safety conditions.

InSAR point clouds over Moscow area

More areas affected by motion have been detected in Moscow (e.g. Zelenaya zona, Solntsevo district). For more results download our presentation HERE

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Credits: ©2017, Background Images: Google Earth™

Sentinel-1 data were provided by European Space Agency (ESA) under free, full, and open data policy adopted for the Copernicus programme.

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