It’s friday and you are excited for an amazing night at the club / theatre / home. You sing all day because of expected night. At 3 o’clock your phone rings and you suppose problem is coming. :( Unfotunately, it’s true. Supplier “blows up”. You manage all interim solutions included sorting and rework. The management wants reports every hour due to the severity of problem. Your dreams for great night melt away and you are stuck with sorting reports.

This situation is known by each quality engineer. Do you want a change? Do you want to experience all your plans? Don’t you want to miss any great time because of sorting actions ever?

Well, for you is then prepared GQ SORTWARE, the miraculous application.

Benefits of this app:

· All the important data are kept together
· First aid with sorting and reworking
· Complete control over containment
· A better overview of stock supplies
· Friendly design
· Quick — Reliable — High quality
· Real-time overview — who is working on the project
· United data from more companies
· A better overview for sorting
· Automatic sharing among producers
· Intuitive controlling
· Improvements in quality processes
· + many more advantages

We understand to quality and quality issues which we experience every day. We insist that quality is important part of our lives and jobs. But we also know how priceless is to have spare time for ourselves. That’s why we offer this app for FREE to make sure you live your life as well.

The sorting and reworking has never been so easy with our GQ SORTWARE. Enjoy life and quality!