Why did we build one more Uptime Monitoring SaaS

Matvey Kukuy
Feb 7 · 3 min read

Several years ago I was working on a Web Design Agency with a funny name. We were building different web services such as simple ERP’s, CRM’s and online shops. It was a real software development with its ups and downs. We spent a lot of efforts to build reliable software. And everything worked well until we started to scale. I remember that moment when the number of projects we supported became huge. It’s simple to support two projects, but it’s getting wild when there are 27 systems online under your responsibility. Something broke almost every day. That was a point when I started to work with monitoring systems.

I started with writing simple monitoring scripts. As more I was digging deeper, as better, I started to understand the complexity of monitoring. Nowadays “monitoring” happened to be a vast topic in my skill set.

Now I’m not working for this small agency anymore. Projects became much more massive and complicated. However, even now, years later, I have the same problem as I had while I was doing the first steps in my career.

I have a small self-hosted blog, and sometimes it’s down :(

I know it’s ridiculous, but I don’t have time for setting up production-grade monitoring for a personal blog with ten monthly users. I want something dead-simple and reliable for such a type of projects. I was expecting some big companies to build such a service for free just because they can and because it’s essential for everyone.

“Pingdom is meanwhile urging free users to become paid subscribers.

Today, in 2019 we see that such a simple service as Uptime Monitoring for some reason is getting pricy and prestigious.

I raised that topic last time we had a brainstorm session with my team, and you might guess what happened. We decided to launch a free monitoring service. It designed to be good for Web Design agencies, or for indie hackers and even (I like that the most) for non-technical people who want to know if their website is down.

It’s just a Single-Page App where you can set your website, e-mail and start monitoring. Setup takes 30 seconds. That’s all. Seriously.

It checks your website every 10 minutes and sends you an EMail in case of downtime.

I like the feeling of building something free and essential for others. Hope this little project will inspire others to create something similar just because they think “it should be like that.”

Ok, enough talking. It’s time to try: curler.amixr.io

Ideas, questions? Feel free to shoot me E-mail: matvey@amixr.io

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Matvey Kukuy

Written by

CEO Amixr.IO

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