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What we are learning from the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

This is the place for new inspiration — View of Port of Rotterdam from Science Tower

In November 2014 I was an undergraduate student who went to Rotterdam to visit the Erasmus University campus looking forward to start a master in Marketing, so I had the chance to visit the TU Delft campus as well, given that my friend and host was a fellow student there. It was a beautiful period when i just started doing something more than only my students activities, putting my nose in few projects with an entrepreneurial aim while coping with my last year of college. I still remember the first feeling I had while walking through the campuses and by speaking with folks in bars and cafés: that place was an extremely rich, young and heterogeneous hub of talent. Those buildings were home to some of the most interesting and talented students from across Europe and the globe, young and ambitious lads with dreams, goals, hopes and insecurities.

Already at that time, a bold and challenging thought clearly came to my mind:

Could you imagine if i can connect all these people to work on projects together? Engineers, Marketers, Designers, Architects, Scientists, Photographers,etc. All of them in their early ’20s, hungry and determined, ambitious but lost, like everybody at that stage of life.

Guess what? Now, October 2016, this is exactly what We will do. “Someone” once said you can connect the dots only looking backwards, well.. Here we are I guess:

We are extremely proud and happy that Skilla will be part of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. This will help us to get involved in the thriving Dutch startup environment as well as being more involved in campus activities.

After just one day with my “classmates” and coaches, I had the confirmation of those feelings born two years back. We had the chance to meet passionate students and graduates, willing to bet everything on their guts to see their idea become real and tangible. This already gave us an incredible boost, lots of insights and tons of ideas to develop.

This is a place where students and young folks fight for what they want, work their ass off in order to achieve their goals, where we all have in common that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you think about your project, your ideas and how to take it forward no matter what.

Innovation happens very fast in Netherlands, as you can see from this gif.

These are my kind of people, these are Skilla’s people.

Here, in a hub of almost 60.000 students, it’s where we feel our roots are.

Multidisciplinarity, complementarity, contrasts, different approaches and opposites point of view, these are the factors that define an healthy, vibrant and innovative environment, where the efforts of different kind of professionals and students come together with the aim of moving things forward. This is the recipe for innovation.

Me, as a founder and we, as a company, want to do our best to help people to connect with each other, to rapidly increase the circulation of ideas and embrace a community of like-minded, young aspiring and first time entrepreneurs, willing to simplify the process of meeting the people you are looking for, the ones with the skills you are chasing and the ones with the attitude you need.

My dear Skilla, let me show you your new dwell: Netherlands, the most startup-friendly economy in the entire Europe!

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