The Dawn of Doing

In the last several decades we grew up following the tracks that the world wanted us to follow: go to college, graduate, do an internship, find a job, get hikes every couple of years looking forward for an happy retirement with our loved ones.

The Pirates

This paradigm has been ingrained in people’s life for years and years, this was THE path to follow. Suddenly from the ’70s as a consequence of hippy culture, we started witnessing a different kind of doing things and thinking about our lives, a new way of living. Few brave and fool folks down in California started believing in another way of doing business, of building stuff, coming up together with friends to follow their vision for the sake of experimenting, changing something, listening to their guts feeling. They used to call themselves “pirates” because of their innovative way of thinking, behaving and working. So romantic.

These days, the “pirates” are the ones running multi-billion businesses, huge brands and outstanding hyper-valued companies, and despite the capitalistic outcome of their genuine intents, they led us toward a new era of doing things instead of waiting for things to happen.

Long story short, we are now a generation of amazingly talented and skilled people who don’t fit anymore in the paradigm of finding a job to express themselves in order to achieve self realisation.

The “millennials”

At the same time, we are coping with the first web-born generation in history, where people are hyperconnected and have access to worldwide information as never before.

From now onward, we have to realise how things are radically changing and how the solutions that fit for the generations born before the ’80s won’t fit anymore for us and our kids.

We, the so-called millennials, witnessed in our relatively short life huge critical moments from the rise of the internet, the 2008 crisis, the websites, the apps and now the artificial intelligence.

We are people who started living in a world where everything was already built for us, the path was already written but the reality turned out completely different. We are living in a transitional period with a big shift in the way we do stuff and the way we do business, facing radical changes in the patterns of human interactions and personal networking.

First Google result for “millennials”. Maybe we’re not so hipster, but multicultural hyper-connected for sure.

A job, a salary and a normal career are not enough for many of us anymore while for most of us these are not even achievable goals given the growing gap between talent and job offers. We have so many tools, easy access to information and we are so sick of the “old system” that we started doing things, we started making stuff, we are the generation of 3D printing and products that interact with each other and we still believe in a brighter future despite all the fucked up things happening across the globe.

The Dream Team

This is why the 5 of us, from completely different background, age, country and values came together to build something driven by the aim of cooperation and collaboration, to put our efforts together for a higher purpose. We love to call us our first users because it’s for our personal pain points that we joined this bold and audacious challenge of building a platform where people connect to each other based on their personality, tastes and skills. For us doing a startup or a project is not the goal, it’s the mean to express ourselves by constructively interacting and working for a common belief.

Do we believe in magic? Yes we do. But we also believe in people working together based on what they want to achieve, what they are and the competences they have instead of what they did from 9 to 5 and what they show on the resume. Skilla is the place to meet folks who want to get shit done, to do projects and follow their ideas, and as per personal experience the biggest resource you are lacking of at the concept stage is not the idea.

You get tons of ideas, what you are missing is somebody who believes in that idea and tells you hey c’mon let’s do this together.

Finding the right people to work with is always a hassle, it’s very difficult and I’m sure all of you can relate to this at some point of your lives.

At Skilla we want to match people by offering them the easiest way ever to build their profiles and look for other Doers: conversations. It’s by talking to each other and interacting, that ideas take off and dreams are shaped. Words are the main way we communicate and this trend of conversational design of apps and bots we embraced will become soon the status quo as we see from the rise of messaging apps.

If you think of yourself as a Doer, a maker, an aspiring entrepreneur, an artist, a creative, well you are the one we are looking for. If you are one of the “misfits, rebels and troublemakers, who are not fond of rules and have no respect for the status quo”, you are the one who might change the world and move things from 0 to 1. You are the one we need to do stuff in a different way and embrace a culture of collaboration and cooperation for mutual benefit.

Skilla is coming soon to reduce the steps from the idea to “get the shit done” believing that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

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