Meditation — Thoughts floating by

Thoughts floating by in an ocean of dreams.

Thoughts, happy Thoughts, angry Thoughts, small Thoughts, big Thoughts.

They pass each other, pop out of the stream and fall back into it. The stream of consciousness, consisting of the outside world and the inside world. Of me, myself and everything that happens inside this waterproof shell called skin.

But does it end here? And what exactly is the self? I? Me? The complex composition of desires, hopes, dreams and fears?

Imagine a well visited marketplace in a medieval town.

A sparrow sitting on top of a wooden market-stand roof. Watching people floating by following their daily routine.

You are the sparrow. You jump from the top of the roof and climb upwards in the air. You take in the whole market-place with its different sounds and smells. You rise higher. You see people shrinking until they become miniature figures in a child’s room. You notice the pattern the houses and streets are forming. Sitting next to each other like sheep in a storm.

You hit the wings. You make circles that take you higher, transforming the people into small dots. Small dots that decorate a colourful patchwork carpet. A carpet surrounded by big stony walls, only interrupted by 3 majestic Gates. Each gate flanked by two big towers, that oversee the green plains surrounding the city.

You are the city and you are the sparrow. Every thought that enters your gate enters your stream of consciousness.

When you’re happy the gates are open for every thought. But when you’re angry — not everyone can get in. And some of these thoughts manage to get in despite your efforts. And then they start seed chaos.

The only way to stop this chaos and to increase order again. To reopen the gates and accept every thought without judgement. Treating every thought the same. Every happy thought and every angry thought. Letting them go back to their own business, establishing patterns of complexity.

But why is there so much chaos in so many cities?

Because these cities only see the the missed bus and the over-crowded market-place. They only see the day, that when it seems to be over presents you with the next bad message. That makes you feel like the most miserable person ever lived.

These cities don’t listen to their sparrows. If they would. They would realize that the world is much larger. And that there are so much more opportunities than they ever thought would exist.

So. Be a sparrow. Rise. Rise high and higher until you feel the refreshing prickling of clouds on your feathers. And you look back at you, yourself, the city you came from. And you realize that the past is only a thought arriving in the present.

And the future is also just another thought. And the only thing you can be sure about is this moment, right now.

And you feel the warm rays of the rising sun. And you smile and think: What a wonderful day! :-)

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