Camlin Colour Pencils Review

Hello stationery lovers! Today I am going to review yet another coloring product from a well known stationery products company in India, called Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. (formerly, Camlin Ltd.). The product is Camlin Color Pencils and I am going to review the 12 shades version. I had bought them along with the wax crayons (reviewed here) for my creativity course assignment.


Camlin Colour Pencils — 12 shades (Camlin is the brand name)


Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.


₹25.00 for a pack of 12 assorted regular size color pencils with a sharpener.


The colour pencils are available in most of the stationery and retail stores all over India. They are also available online on major e-commerce websites as well as other exclusive stationery shopping websites.


The Camlin colour pencils come in a deep green cardboard carton, which opens at the top. The product details are provided at the back of the box. The box is approximately 11 cm x 13 cm in size. The packaging is OK, I would say, though it could have been better. There are many ways to package a set of colour pencils. The colours of the pencils available in the box are displayed in a graphic on the front side of the box, though not accurate, but helpful. There is also an opening for the sharpener that comes free with this box, at the bottom. There are no age recommendations on the packaging.

The packaging of Camlin colour pencils (L): Front; (R): Back


The box contains a set of 12 assorted colour pencils, each of 8.5 cm in length. and hexagonal in shape. The colours provided are — black, white, pink, yellow, orange, red, light blue, deep blue, violet, light green, deep green and brown. The colour names are not provided on the crayons or anwhere in the packaging. I have never really understood the purpose of a white colour in any colour set. I think, they could have replaced it with a skin/flesh colour pencil , which is more frequently used.

The pencils come pre-sharpened. There is also a sharpener provided free with the box, which I liked, since some colour pencil sets do not come with a sharpener and you often end up hunting for the right size.

The box contains 12 assorted colour pencils and a sharpener


The wood quality of the pencils seems good and the core colour is soft. The colour quality (pigmentation) is decent. Deeper shades are better pigmented than the lighter ones. The lighter ones need 2 swipes for the colour to come true. The shading is even and smooth. There is no smell to the pencils, which is good. Also, the pencils don’t break easily on applying some pressure. The diagonal size of the pencil is not provided, though the pencils are standard size that can be comfortably used by children as well as adults.

The texture is smooth and colours are bright. There are no colour names on the crayons

Final thoughts:

I have mixed feelings towards these pencils. They are really good for the price, in fact they are the cheapest in their category. As for the texture, I would have liked them to be a slightly more rough (especially the pink) like a regular lead pencil. Also, the white could be replaced by a skin/flesh colour, maybe? Nevertheless, they are good, bright coloured value for money pencils that are easily available. These colour pencils are also available in different versions such as 24 shades, round pencils, etc. I would recommend them for some casual colouring activity for kids as well as adults!

I will try to post a picture of a design from my colouring book that I coloured using these crayons. Thank you for taking time to read this and happy colouring!