Stupid shows, like less adapted animals, will slowly die.

The era of subsidized TV is (almost) over.

500 channels and nothing to watch.

I’ve been thinking for a while on the repercussions of major success from some of TV shows that conform what’s been called the “Golden Age of TV”. First, I believe that they are result of the awakening of new content platforms, available to users at a low or absent price (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu). The large media corporations in it’s attempt to keep their loyal costumers have managed to put a ton of resources together and creating worth watching content.

I can’t help to think that just as in every case where absolute winners (or predators) the chain of reaction that hits other less adapted creatures in this case how this will affect tiny channels that are “subsidized” by the users who just want to watch the good stuff (I say subsidized cause no one really pays cable for watching crappy shows buy still they get a cut of every new user subscription). Cable television channels like TrueTV and the shows that now air on History Channel and Discovery (Deadliest Catch and Ancient Aliens are in the top of my head) will eventually loose the alimony of the that te big guys create, with services like “HBO Go” or “Watch ESPN” being deployed in parallel of the cable box and the massive offering of good quality content from Netflix and even Youtube, I bet this low budget channels and low quality TV shows will die.

The natural evolution of TV and the intrinsic laws of a free market (supply and demand) will crush the low quality content and as it always happens, good series, TV shows and movies will find a way to reach consumers regardless of the cable box.

500 channels and nothing to watch. I look forward to see what happens, I say good bye cable bundles, hello “Golden Era of Distributed Content”.

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