Get ready for the next step

Dear unsatisfied self,
Never imagine time flies this fast. 
Your upcoming age is right on the way.
Time to call your memories back.

Dear curious heart,
You keep asking why and why
For all the things you inquire
Without realize what you’ve done

Dear whirl feeling,
Calm down... 
Your journey might not as your expected
But believe it is on the right track

Dear grateful soul, 
Keep your vibes positive
You are mature enough to handle it
It is just a matter of time

Dear previous age,
Thank you for everything
Every joy and happiness
Every doubt and disappointment
Every teardrop and sorrow

Dear unsatisfied self, you will not give up
Dear curious heart, you will try another way
Dear whirl feeling, you shall rotate it clockwise
Dear grateful soul, you are wise enough to learn from it

Dear upcoming age,
Years spent so far has been amazing to my life. 
I am more than happy for the blessings
God might not given all i wanted, but sent all i needed 
It what matters most right now

The best of my life has yet to come, but i am so excited to face another journey

Happy birthday!

……. and suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings

On May 29th, 22 years ago, a girl was born.