Hey Mauricio!
Matt Hryhorsky

Hey Matt, thanks for answering! So, yes, I was thinking about the type CSS bounding box. The thing is: I like to use margins and type size/line-height multiple of, let's say 8px, so I align the bounding box with the baseline grid, in that way the distance between elements will be always multiple of 8px. But if I align the bottom of the letters with the baseline grid, two things happens:

  1. That create margins that will be a little bit random. And
  2. I'll aways be confused where to align the top margin and the top of my letters.

I'm very curious about how do you approach it!!! :) Thanks for helping.

See the picture for clarification -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8uqew7vkyz0ru2/Screen%20Shot%202017-07-18%20at%2010.49.41%20AM.png?dl=0