What’s in a name?

“white clouds at golden hour” by George Kedenburg III on Unsplash

A quick Google search for “girls names” returned 614,000,000 results in just 0.45 seconds. And by glancing at the preview below the first site suggested, the Top 8 Most Popular baby names in 2018(per thebump.com’s site), obviously did NOT include Mauikai. Still not shocking almost 34 years later.

I’ve lived many lives these past 3 decades, and my personal, ever evolving development of self has been one overflowing with many highs and lows, trials and triumphs, deeply rooted dreams made manifest in conditions many would have a hard time understanding, accepting, or even believing; it’s been a journey expressed and explored in many different cities, states, continents, and coasts; one that has been lived in many different languages, faiths, and cultures.

My first loves have always been writing and music. The latter has been the realm where I’ve felt the most impactful in. Using my voice to amplify emotions through lyrics and music has taken me around the world and proven to transcend all borders and barriers.

My pen has been my sharpest instrument of choice I first used to channel the voices of Divine inspiration within this shell we walk around and live in called a “body”.

It was inevitable that I would find my way back to this craft and share what I hope will inspire, uplift, or merely encourage one person to reflect on their life and remember to honor where you come from and what you’re capable of.

When I saw the Instagram ad for a 10-Day writing challenge (if you want to jump in and accept the free challenge, you still can here), I knew it was exactly what I needed to jump back into this beautiful world of words and reconnect with that rush of excitement I felt every time I sat down to write with my pen in hand.

The first prompt caught me completely off-guard; I felt intimidated. See, the writer and creator of the challenge, Tara-Nicholle Nelson, was inspired to create this prompt after she was convinced by her sweet-heart to give Game of Thrones a chance. I’m so grateful she did!

Once I got over my Resistance to the work (as Steven Pressfield calls it in his book, The War of Art), I was able to untangle and accept what I was feeling, and then hype myself right back up again to just get started.

This became so more fun than I ever could have possibly imagined! So without further ado, let me introduce myself properly:

I am Mauikai of House D’Ala, First of her Name; Soulful Cuban Songstress; Writer of Words, Songs, and Poetry; Delighter of Deep Conversations; Truth Teller; Mother of Frenchies.