The Cost of Losing 30 Pounds
Emily Lackey

Great piece. I’ve always felt my spending issues went hand in hand with my weight fluctuations.While my weight journey has been very different from yours, I always wonder how much less money I’d have spent on clothing had my weight not fluctuated give or take 40 lbs throughout my adult life. Not strictly in the practical sense of needing clothes that fit but the whole emotional high you get from buying something new to make you feel better when your pudgier than before tummy is drifting over your now too small waistbands. I do feel, as you indicate, that there is a minimum level of income needed before it becomes very difficult to maintain good health. However, I do find I spend much less when I eat simply and healthy (one trip to a local farmer’s market + some cheaper grocer bought protein like beans/eggs) than when I’m in the midst of a chapter in my life where I am not paying any attention, excess by default, . That is assuming though that one has at least enough income to afford fresh food and lives in an area where fresh produce is available. Agreed — Weight management, like financial discipline, also has a strong psychological and emotional aspect. If we aren’t in touch with ourselves, it is very difficult to make any long lasting change.

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