Guanajuato Capital — Flow Motion [EN]

An epic adventure at Guanajuato Capital, named as Human Cultural Heritage of the world by UNESCO, where the color, folclore and its people are shown. From the depths of its tunnels to the top of its viewpoints, an epic journey of this cultural destination of Mexico as never seen before.

In 3:30 minutes, you’ll visit more than 15 places of this city, from the majestic Hidalgo Market, passing the historic Alhóndiga de Granaditas and the famous Callejón del Beso. Crossing its colorful streets stands the imposing Juarez Theater, under the shelter of the Monument to the Pípila. Visiting the famous Mummies of Guanajuato, crossing the mythical tunnels to dazzle us with the magnificent Panoramic view of the city and more. Through the Flow Motion technique.


Stock Footage:

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The Project

After more than 4 months of production, more than 8734 photos, more than 820 GB of storage, extraordinary people that support the production, etc; January 25, 2017 ends the last render of the project. Guanajuato Capital — Flow Motion lasts 3:30 minutes, has stereo sound design and is displayed in 4K resolution.

“This project is not mine, it is of all the people who contributed to its realization, regardless of whether their support was presential or not, I thank you infinitely for believing in my idea.”


We have been published by Intriper (LATAM’s largest travel content platform), Time Lapse Network, Time Lapse Italia, Xataka Foto, Xataka México, VisitMexico, Secretaría de Turismo de México and National Geographic Traveler Latam.

The Director

Directed by Arturo Mauleon, Guanajuato Capital — Flow Motion was born from the interest in the Timelapse and Hyperlapse techniques, connecting shots using the Flow Motion technique. Almost year experimenting with shots, sequences to achieve the goal, make a video with this technique. Combining photography, editing, animation, color treatment techniques. Achieving its unique style.

“When I first saw the Dubai — Flow Motion de Rob Whitworth, It was such a revelation, so I thought: I want to do something like this.”

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“And guess what?… ¡I did it!.”


- Cast

  • Mayte Madrazo [Ballerina — Juarez Theater]
  • Alberto García [Actor — Callejón del Beso]
  • Yamhir Domínguez [Actor — Hidalgo Market/Coffee]
  • Jaky Magaña [Actress— Ex Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera]
  • Lilo Arellano [Actress — Callejón del Beso]
  • Hades Palacios [Actor — Callejoneada]
  • Ángel Palacios [Actor — Callejoneada]
  • Luis Morales [Actor — Callejoneada]
  • Mony Arroyo [Actress — Plaza de la Paz]
  • Jocelyn Copado [Actress — Callejón del Potrero/Coffee]
  • Emiliano Ziur de Fernández [Actor — Café]
  • Manuel García [Actor — Universidad de Guanajuato]
  • Ricardo Domínguez [Actor — Universidad de Guanajuato]
  • Sir. John Smith [Actor/Statue Character]

- Crew

  • Jacobo Orozco [Drone]
  • Diana Brito [Casting]
  • Sara Vázquez [Casting]
  • Gerardo Vela [Production Assistant]
  • Gabo Gómez [Production Assistant]
  • Bere S. Luna [Production Assistant]
  • Paulina Jiménez [Special Thanks]