Integrate Advanced API and SDK for your Web and Mobile App

With increase in rage of business websites and apps, the advanced features and services are also required to provide satisfactory services to the users. Technological development leads to increase of maximum techniques of API and SDK in the web and app.

To get more users it is necessary to provide all the latest features in the app or web. Latest features attracts users. Normal websites or app with less features are preferred less amongst the user. It is well-quoted that- ”Better options are preferred first than a good one.”

Nowadays, it is a craze amongst all, to click photos and to alter them to make it look the best. From time to time, you should utilize different altering applications to make your photo look more lovely by including different innovative altering impacts, yet the Aviary SDK is profoundly incorporated. For your app/site taking into account altering, you can get the best and most recent altering highlights through Aviary SDK combination.

Twilio, a cloud communication platform provides an easier and faster way to communicate with customers. Twilio API integration mainly helps to build apps through which you can interact with everyone in the world by voice/ video messaging and authentication messaging API in your app/web.

Twilio provides services like notification system, survey and polls, feedback system, activation/deactivation of a service, emergency call, text message authentication, multilanguage support system, toll Free Numbers, etc. which avail you to enhance your business

Facebook has already come up with API for the developers to help the industry at large so that every company just like their facebook page can have Messenger Chat Bot which can help users to do most of the things like ordering, knowing order status, call of action, etc. Technically these Chatbots could replace 1800 numbers (helpline) and with already 900 million active users on Messenger, it will be an advantage to the Companies to cater their customers right thru chatbots.

The best part of Facebook Instant Articles is that it doesn’t interfere with the advertising revenue that one gets on pageviews. Facebook gives full authority to the publisher to get advertisers and generate revenue directly for the page space. But if a publisher doesn’t want to get involved with handling of advertisers then also facebook supports the publisher and gets advertisement on the page for a small commission.

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