Rise of the Sensorized World: You Can’t Opt Out of IoT based solutions

IoT based solutions

IoT spending will reach US$1.29 trillion in 2020 — predicts IDC.

Internet of things is a buzzword everywhere you look these days, from personal utility to industrial technology. It has been estimated that there will be billions of data-spouting devices that are connected to the Internet. And they are actually changing the way we live and work. Even the people who are not tech savvy are getting on the bandwagon of this sensorized and smart world.

The Future is Smart…!!

Just imagine that IoT solutions we know today are just the beginning of a new technological revolution and we have just scratched the surface of what Internet of Things can actually do for us. More than a third of the consumers have never heard the term “Internet of Things’; are you amongst them? Then, let’s dive into few IoT based solutions and idea that are ready to impact our lives in near future.

Things getting Sensorized

IoT based solutions benefits the end users by connecting smart devices to perform tasks to deliver additional information, value or functionality.

Using Smartphones, you can now connect directly to your living room and turn off/on the lights, can check if your house is locked, even go to shopping on the way home and almost everything in between. This is not the future, many of these IoT solutions are already available.

Read more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rise-sensorized-world-you-cant-opt-out-iot-based-solutions-veluri

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