Yelp — What happened!!

Yelp’s Journey

Yelp Business Model

Yelp Reviews

Yelp Elite

How Does Yelp make money?

  • Local Advertising: Over 80% of Yelp’s revenues come from local advertisers, AKA local business owners.
  • Affiliation on Deliveries: Acquired by Yelp in 2015, Eat24 is a food delivery & takeout app. The business model is simple. Restaurant owners sign up for free, get listed on Eat24 and can promote their restaurant by paying a fee per actual order
  • Reservation Management (SeatMe): SeatMe is a tool that lets restaurants and bars manage their table reservations.
  • Brand Advertising: Brand advertising accounted for ~7% of Yelp’s revenues in 2015. With over 140 million unique visitors to in Q4 2015 alone, Yelp has plenty of page views to go round, allowing big advertisers to run big display ad campaigns.

Yelp Vs Google

Yelp Downfall




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