Vashikaran Mantra For Love

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This is a very important step in the homa in which we invoke the main deity of the homa. If it is a Gayatri homa, Goddess Gayatri is invoked; in a sudarshashana homa, Lord Sudarshana is invoked and so on.

The deity is invoked and worshipped in the kalasha, which is a copper pot filled with water. A coconut is placed over the mouth of the kalasha and the coconut is surrounded by five or seven mango leaves. This kalasha is further decorated with flower garlands and a cloth is draped over it. The kalasha is placed at the North- Eastern corner of the Homekund or the sacrificial pit.

Shodashopachara pooja is performed to the respective deities in the kalasha. Another significance of the kalasha is that, it absorbs all the positive energies generated during the homa and hence the divine water in the kalasha is sprinkled upon and distributed to the participants at the end of the homa. This water becomes charged with all the divine energies and has immense healing powers.


Ajmer, Rajasthan