I’ve been asked before why I went into sports journalism in the first place.
Will Parchman


I completely understand where you’re coming from. My first career was as a reporter/sports writer. I did it for 10 years at a small daily newspaper. Back when people bought newspapers. I left because I remember frequently looking around the newsroom and noting how many times the reporters missed out on family functions because of assignments. I decided I wanted to be a father instead of spending Friday nights watching other kids play football and basketball — even though I enjoyed it.

Soccer was not something I really grew up. Although I can remember watching Pele on Wide World of Sports as a kid. And several World Cups. But who knew that when I registered my son for kid soccer at age 4 that it would turn into his passion. I’ve grown to love the game and everything about it. He’s blessed to be a good player and we’ve had a lot of fun travels.

It’s been a privilege to read your work and learn about the game through your eyes and now hear you on your pod. While I will definitely miss your writing, I can say that I wish for you the same as it has been for me, moving into a regular job, finding success and spending time with family.


Andy Woodard

Holland, Ohio

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