Interaction Design

My design and process

I designed a mobile application for citizen scientists to use and report on trees and grasses blooming in King County. This mobile application was designed with hopes that scientists could collect data on plants and trees that are blooming in the area, which could aide in research. The benefits for the citizen scientists using the application is that they can have access to a comprehensive map of things blooming in their area that they may be allergic to.

I brainstormed the types of people that could be interested in using this mobile application. Some examples include people with severe allergies, people that are allergic to one specific type of plant that want information on whether or not the plant is blooming.

Brainstorming with my peers about types of users

I then collaborated with my peers on useful ways to navigate through different types of mobile applications; this really aided me in my design. This was important because an application is useless if the user cannot interact with it.

I then used prototype on paper or Pop to create my mobile application prototype.

My experience

I encountered two distinct problems when designing my mobile application. The main problem was figuring out the easiest way to design an easy, simple, and intuitive way to navigate through my mobile application. I included arrows in the top left hand corner to navigate to the previous screen, but I think there could be a better way to design this in the future.

Another problem I encountered was the motivation for users to keep using my mobile application. I ended up including in my design a feature to compare with friends on Facebook, but I do not know if this alone will keep users interested over time.

What I enjoyed

The best part of this sprint was focusing on the part of most designs that goes unnoticed. If a user comments on the interaction of an application it is usually a negative comment on the design. I enjoyed brainstorming ideas that improved navigation and made the entire interaction between user and application cohesive and intuitive.