Can You Hear Me Now?

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Capturing Attention on Social Media

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When you are lying in bed at night, restless, brain won’t shut off, can’t sleep…you reach onto your nightstand and stumble over your phone, tablet, and laptop. You pick up your phone and open up to Facebook to pass some time until you are finally able to drift to sleep. You just need some kind of distraction from your relentless inability to fall asleep. You scroll through your news feed, and there are posts about what friends had for dinner, photos of cute puppies and kittens, and annoying advertisements for an ugly sweater you wouldn’t even be caught dead in on your lazy day off. What makes us stop and read an article, or a friend’s long status? It certainly isn’t bland boring fonts with no color or excitement. When your interest is piqued it is because something is eye catching. Bright colors, bold fonts, cute pictures.

Maintaining Engagement on Social Media

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Bright colors, vivid pictures, this all helps to capture a users attention via social media (7 Triggers To Capture Attention, 2016). Krista Nether, CEO of Boot Camp Digital was interview by Adrienne Sheares for an article on and Nether states, “your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, adding user images to your post or results in a 5–7% increase in conversions. (Nether, 2017).” That is huge! You could grab THAT many more people’s attention just by posting a picture on your post or advertisement. I have to admit, I know I am more likely to stop on a post or ad if there is a picture of a cute kitten, or a delicious iced coffee. Also, another note is for videos, keep them short and to the point (6 Social Media Platforms, 2017). Lengthy videos lose their meaning quickly (Sheares, 2015). Get to the point! Keep up to date! If you have a Facebook page for your business, use it actively. Post updates, new products, sales, etc. Interact with your customers and reply to their online messages. The more user friendly and available you are, the more likely you are to get your name out there (Sheares, 2015). If you engage users, they will continue to return to your website, and are more likely to make purchases or use the product (Sheares, 2015).


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