“How Do I Get My Body Back?!”

I completely understand wanting to get back into skinny jeans and flattering clothing! I am here to here to help you get there!

All the while, I vow to support you as you practice loving a body that has changed, one that has done a tremendous amount of work and that is beautiful just as it is.

I came across this recently and loved it.

It starts with us; with each one of us. With our internal dialogue and with the conversations we have with other women.

What if instead of Getting Your Body Back, we practice Giving Back to Your Body?

I agree, it’s not as catchy.

But it makes much more sense, doesn’t it?

Consider just for a moment, the work that your body has done to support a pregnancy, to labor and deliver a baby, to recover postpartum, to transition into this role of mother, to care for and nourish your own body and if breastfeeding, to nourish baby as well…

All under less than optimal conditions; likely fragmented and scarce sleep, fluctuating hormones, eustress and distress clashing and colliding on a regular basis and often overlapping, perhaps nutrition could use improvement as well.

A lot of tasks for a body that is working in an ever fluctuating environment.

It’s quite impressive.

And, yet…we sometimes forget to consider and respect all of this tremendous work in our haste to return to pre-pregnancy jeans.

One of my greatest messages to postpartum women is this: give yourself the permission to heal.

Whatever that might look like for you.

And know, that… your skinny jeans will be there, but the fleeting days of newborn coos will not.

You don’t need to get your body back.

You do need to get to know a different body.

And you will and you will be amazed by all it can do.