5 Education Systems Turning Out the Workforce Your Startup Needs

  • New Zealand leads the world in providing future skills education for its youth
  • Small, well-resourced areas with liberal traditions fare best
  • More than half of the studied areas are not investing in or assessing future skills
  • Fewer than half of the economies surveyed put sufficient focus on crucial fields like global citizenship and project-based learning.
  • The two countries supplying the largest pool of workers in the world, India and China, are below average overall showing the further need for education reform with a focus on future skills.
  • Singapore is the best-performing economy in Asia, ranking 5th overall and 1st in education policy environment.
  • Argentina ranks first among middle-income economies and the Philippines takes top spot for low-income markets.

1. New Zealand — 88.9 (all scores out of 100)

Photo by kconnors at Morguefile.com

2. Canada — 86.7

Photo by Moonlightway at Morguefile.com

3. Finland — 85.5

Photo by adage at Pixabay.com

4 Switzerland — 81.5

Photo by Felix Broennimann at Pixabay.com

5 Singapore — 80.1

Photo by cegoh at Pixabay.com

2 places you think are ahead of the game, but aren’t

Taiwan - It has a strong reputation for STEM subjects but it ranks only 19th.

One to watch: Argentina — Transforming its System

It came out on top of the middle-income economies and is focusing on knowledge economy skills. It’s improved in teacher quality, government funding for education as well as future skills in the curriculum. As Esteban Bullrich, Argentina’s Minister of Education, puts it, “The education system is like an old car that you keep on upgrading. But we’ve left that old car behind and jumped into a spaceship that we’re building from scratch.”

  • The index’s 16 indicators:



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